Design and Implementation of An Online Project Grading System

Design and Implementation of An Online Project Grading System

Design and Implementation of An Online Project Grading System - CodeMint Mint for Sale
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project source code has ben developed with PHP and MySql .

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  • Project supervisor assigned to a student. The supervisor will grade the student based on some of the following criteria; time/appointment and record keeping, intellectual input, student initiative, communication skills, organization and planning, understanding of project objectives and efforts. The supervisor is also in charge of grading the chapters of the write up by the student. The grade awarded the supervisor makes up 45% of the student total grade.        
  •  The external assessor which is foreign to the university or department also grades the student. After the overall grade of the student has been computed, the external supervisor or assessor goes through the students work, discusses the student's accomplishments with the project supervisor after the formal presentation, then moderates or scrutinizes the grade given. The grade assigned by the external assessor is the final and ultimate grade of the student. The assessor grades based on the following; logical structure and clarity of writing, results, understanding and analysis, production standards and scientific conventions.    
  • Panel of assessors are internal to the university or department. They grade students during the oral presentation. They assess the student’s ability to communicate the technical content of his/her work. They grade based on organization and structure, delivery and use of visual aids. The assessment is made up of different stages, which at the end of the whole process the score derived from these various stages will be combined to make up the final grade of the student. The process begins with       
  •  Proposal Defense: The student will perform exhaustive literature, patent and personal contact searches as well as brains-storming sessions in order to understand, define objectives, and properly size the scope of work. The proposal should contain a complete description of the problem statement, critical literature review and it should demonstrate a good grasp of your project and prove that your proposed solution is likely to meet specification or requirements. A formal presentation will be held with project supervisors to defend this proposal. They would determine if ones’ topic is feasible i.e. It can be implemented. Once it’s been decided they will give the project student the go ahead or approval to start working on the project topic.     
  •   Project Report/Write-up: This phase is where the student will submit write up of his or her project work to the assigned supervisor. It will be submitted in chapters (1-5). The supervisor will go through the write up, make corrections and then grade. Based on the supervisors input on the report, adjustment will be made by student to project actions to make sure he or she is on the correct path and pace. The project report will in general be graded according to five general assessment outcomes and are, organization of the work, content, relevance, writing style and grammar, presentation of material using visual aids such as graphs or diagrams. Along with the report the implementation of the project work will submitted to the supervisor for assessment. It will be submitted in modules. The project implementation will be graded according to four general assessment outcomes which are; formulation of design problems, problem solving skills, extension of knowledge, project management. Demonstration of how the system being developed will function is shown to the supervisor by the student.   
  • Oral Presentation: oral presentations are considered as an important part of the final year project assessment because of the importance placed on communications skills both in industry and academia. The student will orally present the fruit of his or her final year project labor at a department scheduled formal presentation session. Oral presentation by student will be graded by all assessors present except the supervisor of the presenter. The project presentation is assessed in general both on content and delivery to ensure that the student is able to communicate project work done is of a standard worthy of an honors degree. The project presentation will be graded according to five specific assessment outcomes and are appearance and composure of student, quality of slides used for the presentation, literature reviewed, methodology, recommendation and conclusion and mastery of code/subject area.
This project source code has ben developed with PHP and MySql .

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