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 The bookshelf had been successfully constructed. It was initiated so as to address the poor keeping of students’ files in various offices and laboratories.

Locally available materials like angle iron and sheet metals were used in the construction.

The book shelf can easily be moved from one place to another, and also books or files can be arranged   for easy identifications.

The test carried out shows that the bookshelf can carry up to 1000kg of load if distributed to the whole unit.




A bookshelf is a piece of furniture always with horizontal shelves used to store books. It may be fitted with glass doors. A bookshelf consist of unites including two or more shelve which may be permanently devoted to the storage of books. They may be permanently fixed to wall or on floor,

A bookcase frequently have door that should be closed but bookshelves are open fronted, These doors are always glazed, so as to allow the spine of the book to be read, especially valuable books may be kept in locked cases with wooden or glass doors. Books normally stand on some pieces of furniture such as desk or chest. It may also stand on the floor or fixed to the floor, larger books are more likely to be kept in horizontals position and larger books on wide shelves.


The project is designed to address the lack of shelf in various offices and laboratories, due to the student books or files that are been kept on the floor. The method of keeping these files may result to misplacement or damaging of files, the file may also get rough or dirty.

1.3      AIMS

The aims this project are to construct an effective and durable bookshelf suitable for an office. The shelve is intended to contain files of students of mechanical engineering in the department or laboratories.


The objective of this work stated as follow:

- To improve students practical skills in metal and wood work.

- To protect books and files form air pollution

- To provide students with an entrepreneurial opportunities


This project is limited to the construction of a bookshelf. All materials shall be locally sourced and the construction work shall be carried out in the mechanical engineering workshop.


A bookshelf serves various functions in various places and the purposes for which they serve differ from another. The shelve is a safe way for keeping documents and files.

For instance shelves are used in the hospital for keeping patience medical files, apparatus and other equipment. In higher institution  of learning shelves are used to keep record of student admitted into the institution.

Bookshelves may be of different sizes and shapes depending on the purpose of which they are to serve. Improvement in technology over time has immensely attributed to the safe keeping of records through the use of shelves.  Shelves could be covered with glass, ply-wood and metal sheets.

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