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(A Critical Analysis of Four Home Movies; ZOZA, Before the Rain, Street Fame and The Dogs Meeting)


This research study was primarily motivated by the researcher’s curiosity to examine the extent to which Trends of negative themes in Nigerian home movies have negatively increased the rate with which these movies have proliferated Nigerian markets. The data gathered and the findings in this study are to serve as reference material for future researchers in the field of home movies production and Mass Communication. Also the methodology used in this research work was content analysis method which is defined as the scientific, objective and systematic investigation into the content of media document which includes books, films/ video content, magazines, newspaper and so on. The hypothesis were answered and tested. Also the limitation and significance of this study were highlighted and recommendations, based on the findings, were made.




This study, “Trends of Negative Themes in Nigerian Home Movies” aims at identifying the negative themes in Nigerian home movies, especially those that have their theme, plot, and setting in the rich culture of Nigeria. Even those that have Igbo,Yoruba or Hausa theme, plot, setting like the imported films negatively influence the culture and behaviour of Nigerian people.

There is common belief in Nigeria, that home movies negatively project the culture of Nigeria. That is why Frank Aig-Imoukahuede in Opubor (1995:47) confirms that “many Nigerians have complained of the poisonous content of films shown on the screens in Nigeria a great number of people have criticized the nation’s television for featuring materials which contradict or erode the quality of life and undermines the people’s values and norms. What is needed are films for self projection, for presenting the fact of life in Nigeria. ” the study will be able to confirm or disprove the widely held view.


Nigerian home movies assumed a lot of important in the area of entertainment and cultural transmission. This explains the time audience (both children and adults) spend watching movies in their homes or their frequent visit to video clubs.

The behavioural pattern of people is formed by different factors in their environment. Home movies have entered as a novel part of the environment that has an over-powering influence since many of these Nigerian movies embody that tradition and culture of Nigerian if they are not of high technical or moral quality,


they will influence their audience negatively. Those who do not have fair knowledge of the ideal culture are bound to imbibe the negative aspect unconsciously. Also the viewing of these movies will make people believe such practices as the culture or way of life of the people.

Thus, the central problem of this research study is to ascertain how the Trends of negative themes in Nigerian home movies affect the Nigerian culture and influence it negatively.


To ascertain the extent to which the trends of themes in Nigeria home movies affect the Nigerian culture.

To determine if what is watched by the researcher is believed to be the ideal cultural practice of Nigeria.

To know if the contents of such movies are imbibed by both young and adult viewers.

To determine how to improve such situations.


1.  To what extent do Nigerian home movies showcase Negative themes?

2.  To what extent do Nigerian Home movies portray Nigerian culture negatively?

3.  Does the setting of Nigeria home movies affect them negatively?

4.   To what extent do Nigeria home movie have effect on the cultural value of Nigeria?

5.   To what extent do negative influences of home movies tilt the cultural and behavioural change of viewers?



Home movies as agents of cultural change have both audio and visual effects. These effects bring about attitude and behavior change. This research study intends to investigate the cause of these trends of negative themes in Nigerian home movies.

The study will be useful in identifying the extent to which home videos flooding the market despoil the true fabrics of the Nigerian culture. It is, therefore, anticipated that the study will be useful to all those that watch Nigerian home movies.

It will also help to instruct producers to be conscious of the negative influences on younger generation and offer solutions to better ways of presentation of the cultural contents of Nigerian movies.

Finally the study would be useful to the government, movie industries, communication experts, students, researchers as well as parents in many ways.


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