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1.1   BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY                

Our society is a dynamic place in society of technological change and quick decisions are needed which must be made and implemented. These processes require communication. In fact without communication, each individual would merely be Island isolated from all other such Islands.

An organization is born with goals such as the succeed, progress and maintain productivity. It is of course made of human/individuals working as a team to achieve the organization’s goals. Besides organizational goals, these individuals have their personal goals that may agree or conflict with the organizations goals. And so if individuals need communication to succeed, organization more than ever need it.

There is a general belief that MITEL is not efficient, but indolent as a service corporation compared to its South African and other countries counterparts. This no doubt is part of low development experienced in Nigeria.

The above statement coupled with the view that services rendered by MITEL are not what to write home about brought about the issue. Rose by the staff/workers “that communication is the managerial tool to efficient and effective organizational performance rather than activeness or still to performance”. Like I said before an organization needs more than even communication. This is because it has to actualize its goals and this is done through the interaction of men as a staff of the organization with public standing as the consumer of the organization goods and services or through man’s ability to operate the various machineries at his disposal to attain a productive stage when the management refuses or fails to communicate with staff organization policies, before expecting obedience, they lose experts in the field, as these staff might be compelled to resign and scale employment elsewhere. Getting experts to occupy vacancies created by resignation within a reasonable time is usually not easy. At long run the organization suffers.

An organization needs to plan and provide logistics to enable workers perform efficient communication. The MITEL review state “communication involves a two way process of information transformation from a source to a receiver who decades the information and sends a feedback or response to the sender base on having understood the message”. On its part productivity is all about efficiency in organization. It is measured by what is produced, at what time and what resources cost.

In the light of the above statement it is expected that in every company like MITEL, which is more of engineering, communication is of paramount importance especially. In the network distribution of service. Worst still when there is no communications for the disruption further damage are made Enudu (1999) stated that in today’s modern business a manager without adequate information is lost completely.


Onyeka (1999) stated that there is no communication if there is no feedback. It is the feedback that enables the sender of message to know that the audience received it and acted on it. Withholding of feedback is another source of break down of communication effect. Silence cannot be interpreted as an agreement or rejecting a support or lack of except in case where it is expressly stated as an indication of either.

This project work in effect tends to address the following problems.

1.           The problems affecting communication efficiency in the organizational performance.

2.           The problems arising from the inefficiency of the workers caused by the organizational inability to meet their needs.

3.           The problem usually encountered in trying to communicate.

4.           The problem of physical job factors in ascertaining performance.

5.           To determine the relationship between communication to perform.

Communication is the giving of understandable information and getting the desired result. According to Alexander Pope a literary giant. “words are like leaves end where they greatly abound, much fruit of common sense is rarely found”. It is a see saw affairs and ever going and never ending process.


(1)       To find out the advantage of communication in requiring managerial efficiency in an organizational performance.

(2)       To spell out its assumptions about the relationship among cost spent, exposure levels, trial rate and regular usage of communicate. Communication affecting workers performance in MITEL.

(3)       Problems affecting communicate efficiency and effectiveness.

(4)       How is communication helping the organization to market their services?


(1)       Do you consider communication as a tool to organizational performance?

(2)       How do you feel when there is efficient communication?

(3)       What are the problem affecting communication effectiveness and efficiency?

(4)       How is communication helping the organization to market their service.


Hi:    there is significance relationship between communications as a managerial tool for efficient organizational performance.

Ho:   there is no significance relationship between communications as a managerial tool for efficient organizational performance.


This study is limited base on the sect that there is no time finance, and material resources to see to the whole nation. These findings may be valid for the whole organization as far as communication is concerned (MITEL). It focuses on their effects on the operation of telephone distribution services to people in Delta State.

In conducting the survey, questionnaires and interviews were used. A sample size that will reflect the population of the MITEL selected and data collected was analysed using the percentage and table.


The study will be important to the Nigerian Telecommunication (MITEL) and every other establishment that may use communication. In the organizational performance; it will be a guide for any organization performance, to communicate efficiently and effectively, helps in achieving its objective.

Apart from serving as reference purpose the study will be of help to the general public, customers, managers, supervisors, operators and they will use it as an adjustment procedure and policy through which the performance of each member in control and channel towards their foal congruence. That is in relation to the expectation of objective. It will be important to the supervisor and the written, both will learn from the work-study.


This study should be limited to survey instrument (questionnaire) that will be administered to the operatives, supervisory and management staff of the authority. They depict and represent oral interviews with resident entrepreneurs in Delta district observed at a common market of average user of telephone. Poor attitude of market users of telephone that resulted their representation by the staff is part of the limitations.

Factors like time and finance to facilitate interior survey in addition to inadequate materials all form the limitations of this study hence they are curtailed. Most respondent for fear of Intimidation is giving out or revealing part of secret business policies would not want to give proper information that resulted in the paucity and dearth of reference materials like journals new papers and textbook in reserve.


Customers: Buyers of MITEL service

Efficient:   Working well, without waste and reduction of cost.

Efficient:   Producing the desired result by way of good performance.

Organization: A group of people with special purpose    planning of parts so as to form an effective whole.

Managerial: Management responsibility or duties.

Logistics:  Activity involving plan, provide to objective.

Technology: Knowledge dealing with scientific and industrial methods and the practical use in industry.

Subscriber: Someone who receives the use of service over a period of time far which they pay telephone bills.

Network:   A large system of wire that cross one another of which are connected with one another for information.

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