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Distribution can be defined as the act of placing goods and services where they are needed or wanted. One school of thoughts says that distribution is concerned with the activities involved in transferring of goods and services from producers to the final users; it includes physical activities such as transportation, storage, the legal promotional and finished goods until products reached the final consumer.

          Distribution otherwise known as place in marketing language is a critical activity that must be performed by any marketer in order to ensure that the business survive.

          Distribution is defined by Cundiff etal as major discussion making which embrace physical distribution and management of market channel for a business to survive there must be an efficient distribution whereby all products or goods produced must reached the consumer in order to achieve market goals and to achieve this goals make information available  to the company on how consumer complaints in order to give them quality product in which they derived their maximum satisfaction on their money spent.

          Distribution is defined by Olukayode A. Farayola (1977) as the movement of goods and services from the point of production to the point of use or consumption.

          Distribution otherwise known as place in marketing language is an important element of marketing mix because there is no business until a sale is executed.

          This distribution takes cognizance of the movement of raw material as well as that of finished goods i.e. the possible routes and the combination that the product undertakes to reach the consumer.

          Distribution enables the right goods or raw materials to be available at the right place.

          It goes a long way in determining not only the price of goods but also the market activities. Therefore, effective planning of distribution is sine quanon to marketing.

          The meaning of consumer behavior having gained an understanding of the birth of consumer behavior . It is necessary to understand and have an insight into what constitute consumer behavior.

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