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1.1     Background of the Study

The hospitality industry like any other industry has been affected by so many sensitive and uncontrollable event in the past decade. Experience such as the event of the Tsunami TIida wave in South Asia and Africa 2004, London bombing by terrorists 2005, economic recession in the United Kingdom and United State including Nigeria are events that affect the influx of tourist to these destination (Clark and Chen 2007). Despite the fact that the choice of destinations depends on the stability of economy of regions, the hospitality industry especially the hotel sector in this regions did not take long to revitalize, United Nation Tourism Organization (UNWTO’S).

Tourism towards 2030, forecast that international arrival will hit 1.8 billion by the 2020 and the top three receiving regions will be Europe (717 million tourists), East Asia and the pacific (397 million) and the America (282 million) followed by Africa and the middle East, and South Asia. Walker (2007) reported the human right abuse of the war ravage Darfur in Western Sudan did not hinder hospitality services trade as hotel in the capital city of Khatoum continued to serve tourist. It can be seen from all perspective that whether economy and security is good or bad the demand for hotel accommodation product has been on the increase in regions (UNWTO’s) towards 2030.

Kaduna is located in the North central of Nigeria, which accommodate different categories of people from different part of the country and of different types of politicians raging from the presidents down to governors and different types of personalities are resident in Kaduna State, the state is one of  the commercial cities in Nigeria, and has faced a lot of challenges for the past decades there has been a series of civil unrest such as Zango Kataf communal clash (1993), shariah/religion crises (2010), political riots (2011), spontaneous Boko Haram attacks (2009 till date) and poor economic which lead to recession.

These has posed challenges on the tourism industry especially the hotel accommodation sector as reported by munzali (2011) reported that apart from “apart from revenue generated fro travel within he country by government employees and staff of the federal government and agencies ($8.8 billion) the choice of destinations to go for conference; seminar, retreats, sports, determines which region of the country gets the income. Most past governors have tried to put in place infrastructure. So as to encourage both domestic opportunities hospitality industry. This explain the reason behind the rise in need of hotel within need of hotel within the city more over, this state is home to hundred of hotel, ranging from small, and medium scale hotels to multinational chain hotels. There are also varieties in the standard of the hotels, this ranges from one star hotel to very luxurious hotels, among the popular one are hotel seventeen, Asia pyramid, Deluxe Suite, Top Galaxy, Bafa hotel, Quarter house hotel e.t.c.

The hotels with the virtue of their position meet the needs of the travelling both for business and leisure. They offer such wide range of accommodation and service, the concept of assessing the hotel accommodation product and service and it impact on patronage, the product ranges like the room types, the furniture, bed, ultimate décor, in room computer technology Air condition, Mini-kitchen set up, dining area, bathroom and toilet facilities mini bar set-up, refrigerator, microwave oven, pressing iron and table, internet facilities (WIFI) Elevator (Lift), swimming pool, beauty saloon, health spas, 24hours room services (Kaduna state business guide, 2007).

Also recreation centers and children parks also provide a lot of facilities for sporting and leisure activities.

The loyalty of existing customer is very important, since it was calculated that the attraction of new customers is much more expensive that the retention of existing one’s (Balciumas, Jasinskas and Koisova 2014). In this light, some researcher argue that improving service quality alone does not achieve desire customer loyalty, rather improvement of overall customer satisfaction is what leads to greater loyalty and repeat customer (Runging 2014). Despite all these provisions, the hotel room occupancy level are low except when the hotels are able to get conference booking form Non Governmental Organization (NGOs) or Government. According to Chon and Maler (2010) destination choice for business trauder is rarely a matter of personal taste or preference. For this reason and for the purpose of this research work, the researcher seek to find out on assessment of hotel accommodation product and service and if impact on patronage. The focused of the study is accommodation satisfaction and repeat customer.

1.2     Statement of Research Problem

The statement of research problem are highly associated with the hotel industry all over the world has been faced with series of challenges and the hotel management find it very difficult to provide very standard accommodation and quality service for the customers; but despite these challenges they have been able to sustain and even increase their accommodation product and service.

Despite all the effort by hotel industry and government to put down infrastructures to attract guest patronage and guest that come limit their activities to the location.

1.3     Objective of the Study

The aim of this study is assess the role and impact on patronage for accommodation products and service, and attracting guests and making them a loyal guest or client.

A loyal guest is defined as a customer who hold favorable attitude towards the company, commits to the purchase of the accommodation product due to level of service he receive and recommends the product or services to other customers.

1.4     Significance of the Study

The significance of this study will be tremendous benefit to the hotel industry in Nigeria.

To identify attributes increasing customer loyalty, hotel companies need to consider what happens before, during and offer guest interact with the property. In that light it is important to look closely at what is measured and the way it is measured.

This research work will also be significance to other hotels to use in replicating this research and will enable stakeholders in the hospitality sectors in the state to understand their roles and participate in areas discovered to be lacking in the marketing of the accommodation products and services in Kaduna metropolis. The indigenes of the state will also benefit from the mass employment opportunities. The study will help create investment opportunities in the state and in addition in aids manager in adjusting service system design element and amenities so as to meet or even exceed guest demands.

1.5     Scope of the Study

This study is focused on assessing the hotel accommodation products and service and impact on patronage in Kaduna metropolis.

This researcher is unable to access relevant literatures as not much information on accommodation statistic in Kaduna Nigeria which is posted on the internet, accessibility to same in hand copies, is enable due to present location. The researcher also identified most of the product and service which give customer satisfaction and the researcher made use of the few available literatures and also use the general view of hotels in Nigeria where applicable in Kaduna metropolis.

1.6     Research Question

1.     To find out demography of guest that patronize the hotel accommodation product and services

2.     To identify the hotel accommodation products and service available for the hotel quest

3.     To investigate which products and service attract quest repeat patronage

4.     To examine the functionality of the accommodation product and services

5.     To suggest ways by which hotel accommodation patronage in Kaduna can be improved

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