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1.1 Background to the Study

The origin and traditional background of trade fairs can be traced to the time when neither good communication network of security needed for the establishment of pertinent commercial relationship were easily obtain.

The first significant trade fair in Nigeria was held in 1960 to add glamour to Nigeria Independence Celebration, through with less business motives.  The first trade fairs with international magnitude was held in 1977 and 60 countries attended.

Over the years companies have come to accept trade exhibition as an effective way of creating awareness and this invariably stimulate the demand for their product.  Trade Fair or exhibition can be effectively used regardless of the product lifecycle but it will be better applied at the introduction stage of a product.

This will allow patient consumers to know the product use and its design. It is noteworthy that trade exhibition could be as small as one main exhibition in one room apartment, it can also be general or specialized exhibition, which could be held for commercial and non-commercial exhibition we are however interested in commercial exhibition.  In recent time trade exhibition has gained prominence in the manufacturing industries.  At present three international trade fair were held annually in Nigeria, Lagos, Kaduna & Enugu international trade fairs.   These fairs are organized by the Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce & Industry Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA).

The reason for organisation participation in trade exhibition as given by Christian Peterson (1972) is as follow:

1.           It could be used to create positions impression on the mind of the potential buyers or to correct negative impressions.

2.           It could be used to serve as opportunity for a company without a regular sales force to show case their product to the public.

3.           Trade exhibition could be used to test marketing product pending commercialization.

4.           Trade exhibition could be used to test marketing product pending commercialization.

5.           Trade exhibition could be used to show trade prestige i.e. if a company want to be seen among it competitors as a leader.

6.           Trade exhibition is specifically use by small scale business to compete with large firm in already crowded business.

1.2 Statement of Problem

I have been encouraged to write on this topic because of the attitude of some business organisation who falls to realize and appreciate the role of trade exhibition play in the survival of any business organisation.  The negative attitude of organisation toward the use of trade exhibition of promote the image of the company’s product has led to an increase level of imitation and life of many consumers are endangered and inadequate information about the organisation and its product.

1.3   Objective of the Study

The research study is directed towards finding out how effective trade exhibition is in marketing of consumer goods.

1.           To know the extent trade exhibition has created awareness for the product of the manufacturer.

2.           To know if trade exhibition can be used to forecast the demand for the company’s product.

3.           To know if trade exhibition achieve the objectives set by the company.

4.           To know or determine trade exhibition contribution to consumer relationship with the company.

1.4     Research Question

This study shall address the following research questions:

i.          How often do you buy at trade exhibition?

ii.         Does trade exhibition create awareness for the company product?

iii.        Has trade exhibition influence consumer’s decision to buy a product?

iv.        Does trade exhibition attract new consumer and increases the usages by existing consumers.

v.         Does trade exhibition increase sales productivity in small and medium scale entrepreneurship 

1.5      Justification of the study

Apart from the financial and time constraints that justified the scope of the a trade exhibition this study aims to get information about the effectiveness of trade exhibition in marketing consumer goods in Nigeria with special reference to a fast moving consumer goods like ANTINA beauty Soap. It is possible to know the effectiveness of trade exhibition in marketing of consumer goods, trade exhibition was a major factor that contributed to the increase in sale of a particular product that is engaged in the also creating potential awareness is always rekindie in case of old customer and customer.  This marvelous marketing advancement is usually made possible and practicable by the effect of trade exhibition strategy employed by Loyalted Product Limited.

Trade exhibition has really contributed to the sale of company product as well as increasing turnover with the view that the personnel highly believed that trade exhibition has enormously contributed to the company progress.

1.6       Significance of Study

This research intend to throw light on the need for trade exhibition in marketing of consumer goods the finding of the study will therefore be used to:

1.           Throw more light on how consumer reacts to trade exhibition and its benefit in term of informing them about the product and at the same time enhancing the company’s product image.

2.           The management of the company concerned will be able to know those that may arise as a result of competition.

3.           It helps the management of Loyalted Limited to really comprehend the benefit of trade exhibition.

1.7 Scope of the Study

The scope of study is exclusively restricted to the operation department marketing in small & medium scale entrepreneurship. However, it should not be misconceived that the study has no relevance to other organizations in Nigeria they are bound to face such problem considering the globalized nature of organizational environment.

The present study is limited to many aspects. Providing information of effective trade exhibition as a marketing tool in small & medium scale entrepreneurship. It is not possible to take into consideration each and every criterion in this study.

It will be very difficult to carry out the study of this nature virtually every company in 
Nigeria (both public and private sector) in Nigeria.  Hence, the researcher decided {enter her study on effectiveness of trade exhibition as a marketing tool in small & medium scale entrepreneurship. It covers all the various employees in the organization ranging from executive management, middle management, supervisors and the rest of the workers in the organization.

1.8 Definition of Terms

1.           Brand Name:-  This is a word letter or number which is bear able or can be realized given by a producer to a particular product to differentiate it from product of other producers.

2.           Competitors:- These are people or organisation that seek to have an edge over their competitor by comparing either with good or services by producing goods of better and high quality and stressing the unique selling proposition of their product.

3.           Products:- This is anything that can be offered to the market for use consumption or acquisition of their product can be tangible or intangible product are those cannot be seen.

4.           Product Range:- This is production range of product that a company produces for consumption or offered to the market for use.

5.           Consumer Goods:- These are goods offered to the market to be bought for direct consumption and not further processing before it can be used.

6.           Exhibition: A Display of work of art manufactured goods and natural production for which people are expected to place order.

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