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A Paper on Service Marketing

Marketing is human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange processes.

Marketing according to Anyanwu [200:31] consist marketing is there for concerned with – marketing of goods.

Marketing is termed unlimited as activities goes by its practices becomes more sophisticated such that it cannot be confine unlearns of definition.

The General Overview of Service marketing

Services marketing is marketing based on relationship and value. The major differences of marketing services from good based products include:

  • The buyer purchases are intangible
  • The service may be based on the reputation of a single person 
  • It is more difficult to compare the quality of similar services.
  • The buyer cannot return the services.
  • Service marketing, marketing mix is extended to 7P the additional 2 more P’s are people, Physical evidence and Process.

Service marketing also includes the service scope referring to but not limited to the aesthetic appearance of the business from the outside, the inside, and the general appearance of the employees themselves.

In the process of marketing these goods and services marketing require some logistic functions, physical distribution of these goods and services.

Managing evidence relates to the confirmation that service has been fully delivered or discharged successfully. A customer might not have a bench mark for comparison if there is no yardstick in form of previous performance or similar delivery of such service to be rendered or already rendered.

However developing a marketing strategy is much the same for goods and services, in that it involves selecting target market and formulating a marketing mix. Therefore Levitt suggest “instead of talking of “goods ‘and of “services”, it is better to talk of “Tangibles” and “Intangible”.

Arguably, service industry marketing merely approaches the problems from the opposite end of the same spectrum.

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