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This study is an assessment of library and information services to users of academic libraries in Nasarawa state using descriptive survey method. The study was conducted to assess the library and information services rendered in academic libraries in Nasarawa state. Six research questions guided the study. A sample size of 430 registered users of the population of 4300 was used using proportional sampling method from the six academic libraries in six higher institutions in the state. Twelve librarians from the six librarians were randomly selected to seek their opinion on the assessment by the users. Questionnaire and observation checklist were used to collect data. Data collected were analyzed using mean x and percentages. The result of the study showed that most of the library and information services that help the users to obtain information are rendered by academic libraries in Nasarawa state. Majority of the users employ resources employed by the libraries but use textbooks mostly; not all the services rendered in the library are satisfied with loan, bindery, interlibrary loan, 3udio/visual, translation and interpreting services are poorly utilized, utilization of services is challenged by a number of problems such as incompetence’s of library s:aff1 insufficient time [opening and closing], poor library education, lack of computers and accessories, computers are not connected, lack of searching skills and that these problems can be overcome by provision of adequate materials, training of library staff, provision of ICT resources, increasing of opening hours, provision of internet services and orientation. Finally, the study made the following recommendations that all known library services should be offered audio/visual resources should be richly provided utilization and satisfaction should be the desire of the librarians, and enough seating space should be provided, delinquent readers and wrong shelving should be tackled.



Background of the Study:

The academic library is one of the many types of libraries charged with the responsibility of satisfying the instructive and research needs of the students and the faculty. It is an indispensable instrument for intellectual development which a user of a particular higher institution can go into at will unrestricted to help him or her to the whole field of knowledge.  Academic  library, according  to  Reitz(2004)  is  “a  library  that  is  an  integral  part  of  the  College,  University,  or  other  institutions of  post  secondary  education  and  administered  to  meet  the  information  and  research  needs  of  its  students,  faculty  and  staff”.  The  academic  library  is  fundamentally  established  to  render  services  to  the  community  in  a  disciplined  and  responsible  manner  and  to  teach  the  users  how  to  use  the  library  to  enjoy  the  utilization  of  the  services  available.

            Every  academic  library  usually  receives  the  mandate  of  its  parent  institution  to  carry  out  the  functions  which  are  reflective  of  their  objectives  which are  guides  by  which  it’s  proper  assessment  can  be  carried  out.  Edoka (2000)  has  given  the  functions  of  the  academic  library  as  follow, to:  provide  information  materials  required  for  the  academic  programmed of  the  parent  institution,   provide  research  information  resources  in  consonance with  the  needs  of  faculty  and  research  students,   provide  information  resources  for  recreation  and  for  personal  self-development  of  users,  provide  study  accommodation  in  a  useful  variety  of  locations,   provide  protection  and  security  for  the  materials,  cooperate  with  other  libraries  at  appropriate  levels  for  improved  information  services, provide  specialized  information  services  to  appropriate  segments  of  the  wider  community.

            The  role  of  academic  library    is  to  support  teaching, learning,  and  research   by  maintaining  relevant  materials  and  creating  enabling  environment  for  the  users  to  achieve  their  respective  aims  of  using  it.  It  plays  the  role  of  information  provider  for  the  successful  completion  of  the  users’  courses.  An  academic  library  that  does  not  carry  out  these  functions  faces  the  danger  of  criticism  by  the  users,  and  even  non-users  of  such  library.  The  lecturers,  the  students,  and  the  researchers  are  usually  affected  in  their  zeal  to  excel  in  whatever  their  academic  desires  are  if  the  functions  which  dictate  their  role  are  not  performed.  This  is  because  their  success  depends  to  a  large  extent  on  how  well  the  library  carries its functions..

For  high  performance  by  the  users,  the  library  is  expected  to  stock  proper  information  resources.  And  in  order  to  qualify  to  be  regarded  as  a  store  house  of  record  of  human  experience  which  the  academic  community  can  depend  upon  for  information,  assorted  information  resources are provided. These include Yearbooks,  Almanacs,  Directories,  Handbooks,  Manuals,  Dictionaries,  Encyclopedias,  Periodicals  such  as  Newspapers,  Magazines,  and  Journals,  Films,  Filmstrips,  Slides,  CDROMS,  Photographs,  Maps,  Atlases,  Gazettes,  Gazetteers,  Tapes  and Cassettes,  Projectors,  Computers,  Indexes,  Abstracts,  Bibliographies, Government documents  etc..  These materials should be current and adequate in quantity and be consistently made available. The  resources  can  be  provided  on  site  from  remote  storage  locations  through  Information  and  Communication  Technology (ICT).

 It  must  be  seen  clearly,  to  support the  programmes  and  the  courses  offered  by  the institution.  This  support  must  be  visible  in  the  hours  the  library  maintains  for  its  users.  The  longer  the  hours  the  better,  to  enable  the  students  have  ample  opportunities  to  make  use  of  the  library  resources  after  the  hectic  

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