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This study was carried out to provide better understanding of not just Nigeria‟s foreign policy but to also shed more light on problems and prospects of Nigeria‟s foreign policy implementation. The general objective being to examine the positive and negative effects of the implementation process on Nigeria and her relationship with fellow African states and states across the globe and how it affects the economic, political, cultural, technological and military development of the country. Textbooks, internet materials and other sources were used to gather information for this study. This study talks about Nigeria‟s role as „Giant of Africa‟ and how the responsibility that comes with this position affects Nigeria‟s foreign policy implementation negatively and positively. Because of this role, Nigeria is greatly involved in decision making of regional organizations like the African union and this enables her implement her foreign policies but at the same time her attention is also diverted to the needs of other African states and in attending to these needy state she forgets the needs and requirements of her own home citizens and in extreme cases this causes violent attack and affects both the economic and political sectors of the country. Literature review and the use of content analysis aided greatly to provide better understanding of Nigeria‟s foreign policy implementation and its prospects and provide solutions for the problems encountered as well. in all, proper implementation of Nigeria‟s foreign policy have great prospects like economic and technological development through trade relations and increase in status and prestige of Nigeria due to assistance rendered to other African states and fostering of friendly ties between Nigeria and various states. Nigeria‟s foreign policy implementation also encounters certain problems before these policies can be implemented causing external interferences, insecurity and in some cases these problems affects the National interest of the country. For better implementation of Nigeria‟s foreign policy, she

needs to involve herself more in the production of nuclear weapons and other economic resources that can help the country and make Nigeria a great power thereby preventing external influence and easy implementation of foreign policies. Nigerian government should not push aside the interest and needs of the citizens at the expense of other African states.

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