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Productivity has been defined as the volume of good and service produced per worker within some specified unit of the year, now there have been consistent public outer about continuous decline of productivity in the civil service. It is for this reason that this work is being carried out in the view to finding the cause of low productivity how to eliminate these cause and these by bring about recommendation, that will promote productivity in the civil service in general to achieve a successful result in the programme. I have decided to carry out a case study of Enugu state civil service commission.

However the historical back ground of the civil service commission was dated back to the end of colonial masters and post independence period.

After the second world war, there were about 14 British Administration in the secretarial 70 Nigerians support staff and one Europe stenography. The head quarter of most technical department which was in Ebutemetta. (Lagos). The head quarter of the mine was in jos, while the agriculture and forestry was in Ibadan, field administration was co-ordinate from two center, kaduna for north and Lagos laster Enugu for the south.

In 1939, southern Nigeria was split into two region respectively. The Richard constitution in 1914 further divided the country into three region namely the northern western and Eastern regions. The macpherson constitution of 1951, introduced the appointment of ministers for the region and at the center of the civil service between the politician in office and the authorities of the lugardera, the duties of all administrative office. Were juct that of maintaining law and order in the district placed under the immediate administrative control. It was only at the end of World War II that effort were made to achieve some social and economic benefit for Nigerians. It was at that time

Such office like the department of marketing and export were established. The rapid Nigerianisation of civil service and the executive council brought about new conception of the role of the civil service

For example, in the western Nigerians civil service were told that policy making was the exclusive function of the legislature. So, the civil servant were to do. In the eastern state civil servants were to give sound advice to the political leaders, control the traditional aspect of government activities and were also to be efficient executive who could manage and threat all the complex operation of the made state.

In the northern Nigerian, the duties of administrative office include to assist to give training to people as regard building up an efficient institution of local government and finally to facilitate the emergence of an intelligent and responsible public opinion. The system of administration that emerged on was also English language that was used as a medium of communication in the conduct of government business the country fought the civil war six year after independence and this was quickly followed about six year of oil boom which brought about extreme materialism. The give rise to great indiscipline, corruption and a total contemplation order, honour and excellence within the whole society including the civil service. Having discussed the historical background of the civil service and its roles before and after independence it is necessary at this stage to define the term “productivity which is the main object of the research.


There has been consistent low productivity in the civil service since Nigeria independence of Igbo. This study set out to asses the knowledge of job motivation and use of office work hour in the civil service in order to promote productivity.


The purpose of the study are to a large extent explained by the little promoting producting in the civil service.  To be more specific the purpose are as follows:           

 To find out the things that make civil servants to perform below standards.   To identify the causes of low productivity duty motivated in order to avert the situation.

To ascertain the adequate means of motivation.

To identify if qualified personnel are employed.


The inadequacy of these factors affected this research in the following way:

In the are of data collected in the analysis of the collected data. There was the problem of time in the collected of data. This is true in the sense that one has to make4 some trips from one place to another in search and collected of data and information unfortunately the cost of transportation has risen greatly these day making it difficult for the research to travel to all the place he would have wanted in connected with the research. Attitudes of Responsible.

At the time, the questionnaires were distributed to some member of staff of Enugu state civil service commission some felt reductant to receive it in the pretext that they were too busy with their office work. Some worker even complained that because they were civil servants, they could not answer every question.


The research question of the present study are to a large extent explained by the tittles: promoting productivity by in the civil service to be more specific the question are as follow:

I        what are the thing that make civil servant to perform below standard 

I        what are the main cause of productivity decline in the civil servant.

Iii      what are the measure to be taken in order to redress the situation.

Iv      Are civil servant motivated adequately

V       Are qualified personnel employed


This research therefore aims at looking into these public complaints to find fact about them with the view to finding out their cause and how they could be checked so as to improve or promote the general productivity of the civil service when this is achieved the civil service will be a good productivity center which will turn lead to an improved welfare of the people it will also help the government in policy formulation to fight against those factor that bring about low productivity.


In this research work the researcher based his research on the civil service commission in Enugu urban which has a number of worker with capability given the required information.

Considering the factor made on the scope of the study of this chapter that is the constraints, notable among them were time and money factor as the research was combining the research work and class work at the same time which are not easy. It is wise to use Enugu urban because it offers the opportunity for getting the required data.

This study also was limited to Enugu with the hope that conclusion reduced in the cause of the study would apply to other state civil service commission.


I        PRODUCTIVITY: it has been defined as the volume of good and service produced pre work within some specified unit of the yesr month, week day and hour

II       STRATAGY: According to chandler (1962) strategy is the determination of long-term good and objectives of an enterprise and the adoption of cause of action and the allocation of resource necessary to carry out organization objective:

III      CONCEPTION: it is defined as an idea or plan that takes shape in the mind

IV      EXCLUSIVE: this has been defined as the law making body

V       LEGISLATURE: this has been defined as the law making body.

VI      INDEPENENCE: it is defined as the state of being self reliance.

VII    EMPLOYMENT: this is defined as the act of bringing a worker in to an organization to work.

VIII   MOTIVATION: it entail getting the member of the learn to pull their weight effectively to give their loyalty to the group and the last to carry out proper the activites allocated.

IX      IMPROVEMENT: it is defined as an act of making thing become belier

X       SERVICE: this is defined as department or branch of public work, government employment.

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