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Human resources management conters on the modern world of work with the emphasis on people which are the most critical and differentiating resources for achieving future desired by every organization. Labour being the production for not only the future success but also for the reinvention of organization.

For over the years the issue of manpower’s care and development had received and continued to receive less attention from the management of most organizations, inspire of th evital role they play in the realization f the firm’s objectives.
In some of the organizations, the staff are not paid as at when due, some work late hours after the closure of work without overtime payment, while some serve for many years without promotion. Thus resulting in port attitude to work by the affected staff. When you observe some able bodied youthful individuals wearing a sullen look, typists sleeping o their typewriters, secretaries enageing in idle gossip with other colleagues, middle management engaging in chat over groundnuts, bananas and oranges and in some cases reading their handouts, it shows they are not satisfied on their job. This equally convinces one that there is the need for better human resources management and utilization.
The banking industry especially Union Bank of Nigeria Plc., is not left out in this trend. Here emphasis is placed on capital and material resources instead of human beings. This is evident when there is a robbery incident in any of the branches and money is removed the management will not be concerned about the safety and or welfare of the affected staff. Instead they will be seriously disturbed about the cash and equipment stolen by the bandits, despite the fact that staff may have gotten some bullet wounds. Often times in such situations, the management will lock-up some staff with the police while investigation are carried out as for when and how the incident occurred. Again there is this jargon in the bank which says “Cash Firs” showing that cash and other resources are proffered to human beings.
Some members of management recommend only their relations for further training or promotion at the expense of other staff. Most of the staff stay over 8 years without promotion and self actualization does not receive immediate reward. Some work very late in the office daily without proceeding on annual leave, thus resulting frequent visits to hospitals, and the resultant increase in staff medical bills. Some managers lack the required motivate employees. For this reason, people behave as they like, absenteism, poor attitude to work, and strike actions become the order of the day. Some of the staff who could not endure this ugly phenomenon are forced by circumstance to resign their appointment. These posted for counter services pay less attention to the customers, hence they keep them waiting longer than necessary.
Poor supervision is practiced in every department and the supervisor is most unwilling to supervise. He has a non-chalet attitude to his work, consequently the entire organization suffer some commercial banks maltreat their work force by embarking on outright sack of their members of staff, thus leaving them in the labour market without money, gratuity, and without hope. In such a place, job insecurity abounds as workers discharges their duties with fear. They are in constant fear and doubt as to whether services will still be needed in the next hour.
In 1998, Union Bank embarked on a re-engineering and repositioning exercise where in they instituted a voluntary retirement scheme which was the exit of 2500 staff of the Bank. Though this scheme favoured the staff concerned, these therefore left the bank with few workers to attend to the numerous banking activities consequently, counter services become so tasking that one person now do the work originally meant for three persons before the reengineering exercise. 
It is generally believed that banking enjoy good working conditions, and are well cared for in all its ramifications. But one would want to know the truth in this assertion. What really is the position of human resources management in commercial Banks especially union Banks of Nigeria?


The human resources factor is indeed an essential factor in the making of any business organization. But unfortunately, this all important resources inspite of the vital role it plays in the realization of the firms objectives, is being neglected as more emphasis is placed on capital and material resources instead of on human beings. In Union Bank of Nigeria the same problem of staff neglect inadequate care for staff, and constant conflict between superiors and their subordinates, are lice which has eaten deep into the big, strong and reliable bank. The central issues therefore revolves ground the following:
1. It has been doubtful on the nature of relationship existing between superior and their subordinates as it regard human resources management in Commercial Banks.
2. It has been difficult to understand why many workers do resign from the banking industry.
3. It has been difficult to determine the nature of the causes of fraudulent practice by bank staff.
4. The cause of constant industrial dispute in the bank


This implies the aim of the resources work. It therefore indicates the direction of the research and what the study intends to achieve. The main purpose of this study is to ascertain how the human factors the workers are cared for and or managed in Union Bank of Nigeria Plc to achieve its set goods. This study therefore aim to:
1. Determine the kind o relations that exist between superiors and their subordinate
2. Determine why more people resign from the banking industries.
3. know why and the extend of staff involvement in fraudulent activities within the banking sector.

4. ascertain the position of industrial relations in the bank.


The scope of this project boarders on how welfare of workers is being handled in commercial banks, a case study of Union Bank f Nigeria Plc Enugu


In order to achieve the objectives of this study, the following research questions were formulated.
1. How can you describe the relationship that exists between superiors and their subordinates in your bank?

2. what roles does job satisfaction and motivation play towards the problem of bank resignation 
3. what are the problems of bank staff involvement in fraudulent activities?
4. what is the position of industrial relations in commercial bank with particular reference to Union Bank Plc?


HO: There is no significant deference (P>0.5) between the view of the superior and subordinate on the existence of a good rapport among them.
HO2: There is no significant difference between the mean perception of junior and senior staff of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc Enugu at (P > 0.5) on job satisfaction and motivation as it avert the problem of bank staff resignation
H0¬3: There is no significant difference between the mean perception of junior and senior staff of the bank at (P < 0.5) whether bad management and non segregation of duties promotes bank fraud among staff?
HO4: There is no significant difference between the views of the senior and junior staff of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc at (P < 0.5) on whether there is good industrial relations among them.


This refers to the importance or the usefulness of the research to both the public and the bank itself. The importance of the study are:
1. To help the management of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc see areas of the workforce that needed urgent attention.
2. To enable the banks render good and efficient services to their customers.
3. It will help the bank adopt proper measures and means for checking of frauds.
4. it will help curtail the rate of industrial dispute in the banking industry.
5. It will lead to profitability when the issue of staff welfare is properly addressed.
6. It will enable other sectors see the need for more emphasis on staff care and development.
7. It will form a base to be relied upon by subsequent researchers who may wish to make further inquires into the cases and affect of bank frauds in Commercial Banks.
The importance of the research work cannot be over emphasized the ability of the Commercial Bank (especially Union Bank of Nigeria Plc) to perform its duties efficiently and effectively on human resources management. It will help both the management and the staff and the world at large.


1. Egomaniacs: This is the study of work and working conditions in order to improve people’s efficiency.
2. Bandits: It implied group of armed gang that robs people of money materials or even life.
3. Industrial Relations: Means dealing between the employers and employees towards achievement of the organizational goals.
4. Human Resource: This involves the management of all the organization objective, it increase the wealth of an organization. According to (Image and Aurums 2000; 115) they said that human resource is indispensable, any organization require human resources from time to time due to changes in the work forces strategy technology and the environment of the organization concerned.


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