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This study assessed the methods of car parking in Lagos state, Nigeria. The goals of the study is to examine the car parking management systems in the study areas, describe the effects of car parking on free flow of traffic in the study areas, examine the challenges of car parking management systems in Ikeja and Victoria Island, describe the nature of car parking in Ikeja and Victoria Island and map the various locations of car parking in the study areas.Data were obtained from both on- street car parking users and on- street car park operators or managers. The instruments used for data collection were close ended questionnaires as well as structured interview with on street car park operators. The population of on- street car parking users was 4,436 while that of Victoria Island was 4,117 with total population of 8533.The respondents were sampled randomly and 385 respondents were interviewed, questionnaire addressing methods of car parking and challenges of on- street parking was given to car park operators or managers. Descriptive statistics such as tables, pie charts andmean rank analysis. The mean rank analysis of the challenges of car park operators or managersin the study areas shows that statement (1) lack of signages ranked first amongst the challenges listed in Ikeja and Victoria Islandwith (mean =0.90, mean = 0.00 ) making it the most critical amongst the challenges identified, statement (2) The government has provided a permanent parking space in your areais also less in Ikeja with( mean = 0.00). The second least mean was in statement (6) Parking is an important location factor for companies, shopping malls, factories etc in Victoria Islandwith (mean=1.08) and statement (11) Parking policy is an important tool to reduce cartraffic within urban area for Ikeja was (mean=1.09) was ranked third.Similarly, the analysis on the duration of parking in the study areas indicate that Victoria Islandwas 42.9% between 3 hours and above, Ikeja was 44.3% between 2-3hours.The analysis of the results shows that parallel parking in Ikeja is 58.2% and Victoria Island is 65.2%. Parking facilities in the areas is traditional method of parking.Traditional method in Victoria Islandis 72.4% and Ikeja is 77.4% which shows that Ikeja has high responses and it shows traditional searchis mostly used to locate an appropriate parkingspaceforusers. The analysis on challenges of on-street parking indicates that time wasting is 36.4% for Victoria Island and 36.8% for Ikeja while narrow roadsindicate Ikeja with 33.2% and Victoria Island with 31.3%.The study therefore recommends that adequate modern car parking systems with computerized modern car parking meters and parking occupancy sensors should be made important in the budget by the Lagos state government, parking management policies and pricing should be enforced to discourage long stay parking,application of appropriate traffic management, off-street parking facilities and spaces provided by the government to reduce on street car parking in the two study areas.



1.1 Background To The Study

The significant role of transportation in the movement of people, goods and services from

origin to destination which thus improve the socioeconomic status and general development of the

nation cannot be over emphasized (World Bank, 2002). The primaryfunction of any form of transport

is the movement of goods and passengers from point of origin to various points or specific destination.




rate and increasing demand for movement for various purposes (Osoba, 2012) which has resulted to


Specifically, cities more dependent on the automobiles tend to have more st

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