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Is a condition or state where by surface of the building appears to be wet or fueled with moisture as a result of water penetration through the process of condensation, infiltration and capillarity attraction. However the problems attract the researcher to look for the dangers associated with dampness in building so as to minimize the accuracy.

Dampness is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building either the result of interaction from outside or condensation from within the structure.

According to Godish (2001 dampness tent to cause secondary damage to a building, the unwanted moisture enable the growth of various fungi in wood causing rot or mold health issuers and may eventually lead to sick, building syndrome, plaster and pints deteriorates and wall-papers loosens-stains, from the water silt and form mold, mar surfaces the highest carbon mold construction are found on the building where significant infestation has cured, usually as a result fo severe water intrusion or flood damage mold can growth on almost any surface and occur where is a lot of moisture from structural problems such as leaky roofs or high humidity levels.


Is the structure with roof and walls standing more or less permanently in one place such as house or a factory?

Building is comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and function and have adopted through out of history for a wide number of factors from building materials available to weather condition, to land price, ground condition, specific uses and aesthetic reasons. To better understand the term building serve several need, of society-primarily as a shelter represent a physical division of the human hesitation (a place of comfort and safety) and the outside (a place that at a time may be harsh harmful).

Ever since the first care pointing building have also become object or coni cases of artistic expression.

In resents years, interest in sustainable planning and building practices has also become an intentional part of the design process of many new buildings.


Charanchi, the headquarters of Charanchi Local Government Area in Katsina State and old and historic town, situated at about 38km South ward from Katsina.

Charanchi was initially founded by ‘Faffaffa’ a heads man history shows that the founder was living in a bush in the western part of the town caved Garin Ruwa, the man have a large number of animal as such rearing them in the bush. When Faffaffa realized that the animal food was in short supply in Faffafa, he bush where the gets more foods for his animals. Traditionally when he Metspasfure land he usually constructs a hut made up of construe and thatch, in the event of such practice he come to a place in the present day Charanchi is in 1835 where he constructed a hut, the place later name as Gidan Galadima, the house of Galadima Ibrahim, as a result of his living in the area his Fulani colleagues started coming to the place so as get food for themselves and feed their animals, the land has been filled within short period of time the place was blessed with reasonable number of people residing.

Mean while the town gets its name from a big Baobab tree in the place with which the settlers were using to prepare their soup. As a result of the sweaty taste of the Baobab giving to their soup while eating their food they use to make comment among which was the soup had a kery nice taste Chranchi “that ids sweetness they later called “Chi” at the last ward putting it as Charanchi town was first found in the year 1850 Charanchi started top in the rulling dynasty. The first village head of Chanrachi town named Asma’igau, was Bebegi dodo, in 1910 the Europeans established a company called U.A.C (United African Company Limited) in the town, as a result of their observation to the town they considered it as centre of commerce in Katsina province many European lad resided in the town with the establishment of the company. As a result of the residing by the European in the town after the establishment of the residing by the European in the town after the established of the company the town was blessed with a very big market as such commercial activities had developed rapidly.

The famous nature of the market is an evidence hence during that period of peoples takes long distance from neighbouring areas like Sokoto, Baura and Moidua, to Charanchi in order to buy a yard ALAWAYYO because it cannot be due to the big market in the town people of the other place put forward a matto to the town as (AYYO, BAKIN GARI DA FARAR KASUWA BADAN GARINDA DA GARIN YA TASHI) the recent history indicated the creation of district headquarters out of Rimi district in 1992, the history also indicated the creation Charanchi Local Government out of Rimi Local Government in 1996 during the administration of Gen. Sani Abacha the Local Government area comprises of two district head.

That is district head of Charanchi and Kuraye with ten wards namely, Charanchi, Radda, Koda, Tsakatsa, Doka, Gana, Banye, Kuraye, Safana, and Majenwayya it has a population of 137, 613 people as the (2006 Population Census).


Bebeji Ado                                                  1850 – 1910

Galadima Abubakar                                   1910 – 1925

Galadima Ibrahim                                       1925 – 1930

Galadima Abdul’aziz                                  1930 – 1934

Galadima Abe                                             1934 – 1942

Galadima Ibrahim                                       1942 – 1968

Galadima Shehu                                         1968 – 1969

Galadima Mansir Ibrahim                          1969 – 1973

Galadima Lawal                                         1973 – 1992

The is two district head the first and second district head and up to date he is alive, the district head of the town ALHAJI ABASHE ABDULKADIR (AT SARKIN SHANNN KATSUNA).


The language spoken in Charanchi town as follows:

Hausa and Fulani Scattered in various quarters of the town.


The local Government an area lies in the Savannah region and is characterized by two reasons namely dry and rainy season started October to April and come in two phases, the cool and dry period makes the end of rainy season last through February. This is usually the hamattan period when the dry dust winds blows from across the Sahara after which the dry and hot season begins from April through to September, this is the cold and wet period with the average annual rainfall.

a.       Agricultural Resources

The agricultural resources among offers are from product and animals, the local government area has two main seasonal crops which are dry and rainy season crops. The rainy season crops include millet, groundnuts, guinea corns, beans, cotton, while the dry season crops include tomatoes, pepper, onion etc.

b.       Animal resources

Common animals keep’s in this area include cattle, sheep, goats, donkey, rabbit, chicken. While there product, meat egg, butter, cheese, hides and skin for home consumption and economic purposes.


Trade Commerce

Charanchi Local Government Area has 2 periodic market which include Charanchi and Radda Market, 3 Abattoirs, 2 Filling Station and 1 Company Nigerian Tele-Communication Limited Exchange Station. However there are some small scale industries which include Haske Bread, Annuwa Bread, BBC Soft Drinks, A.A Soft Drinks, Mashasha Petroleum Company Limited. Etc.


The main occupant of the people of Charanchi is farming few are traders and civil servants, pottery, black mitting barbing and lether work are the major occupation of Charanchi Dwellers.


The people of the town are all Muslims and there are many Qur’anic and Islamiyya school scattered in the town for the training of the young ones.

There are two big Friday Mosques which gathers thousands of Muslims faithful every Friday to attend the Friday congregational prayer. There are some few non Muslims who are non indigenes of Charanchi, but are residing there for the purpose of there business.


For vital activities such as marriage and naming ceremonies, people are invited to witness the occasion. There used to e some traditional celebrations yearly especially during dry season such as local wrestling, local boxing and share. In the share festival the organization of Fulani people do invite the people who will participate in share and advance use to send an invitation to prominent leaders of the Fulani community around the area. So that leaders will inform their people are they will start preparation to get all the necessary material needed before the specified date. However, with regards to marriage ceremony, initially when a boy see a girl that he loves he will talk to her, that is he will introduce himself to her when she agree with him, he will fixed certain period of time visiting her in her father’s house. They understand each other the boy will tell his parent about his love with the girl. So from the 2 – 3 people will be assigned from the boy’s house to go and ask for permission from the girls parent. When the girls parent gives go ahead some amount of money will be sent to the bride house then the wedding Fatiha will be fixed by the bride and groom’s family.


 The commonest health problems in the area of the study include infection e.g. respiratory tract infection, diarrhea, disease, and malaria, aneamia in pregnancy and malnutrition in children area also prevalent.

Nevertheless, health services are carried out in the area such as immunization, helath education, treatment of minor ailment and oral rehydration therapy ORT referral are also been made to general hospital.


Some people do attend hospitals whenever they have some health problems while others refuse to attend they prefer local or traditional medicine, with regard to immunization against the six killers diseases such as tuberculosis, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles and poliomyelitis.


Educational set up among the people of the area of study are rightly educated in both western and Islamic education, Charanchi town have three (3) primary school, one is pilot primary school, one is model primary schools, and the last one is central primary school. There are also two secondary schools in the town one is Government Girls Technical College Secondary School is for female and the other one is Government Day Secondary School for the male. Apart from the Islamic education, Charanchi town have many Qur’anic Schools scattered everywhere in the town for training of the young one’s who are the future leaders of tomorrow.


1.       To identify the effect of dampness in building.

2.       To identify the causes of dampness in building.

3.       To identify the measure of steps taken to prevent the occurrence of dampness in building.

4.       To identify the various health problems related to dampness in which building within the study area.

5.       To health educate the community on the dangers associated local government which saves as the area of the study.


1.       Are people of Charanchi Local Government fully aware with dangers associated in dampness.

2.       Does disease associated with building among the people of Charanchi Local Government Area include catarrh, pneumonia a respiratory tract infections, ye problem etc.

3.       Does the rote of health personal in prevention dampness among the people of Charanchi Local Government area through house to house inspection.

4.       Does health education play a vital role in positive attitudinal change among people of Charanchi Local Government Area.

5.       Does health education the main factor of prevention of diseases associated with dampness in building.


1.       People of Charanchi Local Government Area are not fully aware with dangers associated with dampness.

2.       The disease associated with building among the people of Charanchi Local Government Area include catarrh, pheumonia, respiratory tract infection, eye problem.

3.       The role of health personal in preventive of dampness among the people of Charanchi Local Government Area is through house to house inspection.

4.       Health play a vital role in positive attitudinal change among people of Charanchi Local Government Area.

5.       Health ecuation is main factor for preventive of diseases associated with dampness in the building in Chanranchi Local Government.

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