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The whole emphasis of this research work rest on the role of family planning practices and its implication in Oju Local Government Area of Benue State. A simple percentage method was used for data analysis and the data were collected through questionnaire administration. The results of the analysis showed that a large number of the rural dwellers have heard of family planning practices (95%). The results equally showed that most of the rural dwellers were aware of some family planning methods (95%) and their effectiveness (96%). The results also showed that few numbers of the rural dwellers (24%) agreed that poverty can contribute to the practices of family planning while majority (59%) opined that polygamy is a contributing factor to family planning practices. The above results are backed by table 3 to 8.


In the past, most parents had wanted to have a lot of children especially in a country where poor people are denied a fair share of land, resources and socal benefits. This is because children help with work and provide care for their parents at old age. Family planning had been introduced to reduce the dangers of over-population in various countries including Nigeria. Daily time of 200g state that in the 2006 population census, Nigeria had about 145 million, figure that makes the country to be the 5th largest country in the whole Africa (site). Although the size of the country can still accommodate at least three times its present population. The issue was not the number but quality of life. The present economic condition of the country has forced all right thinking Nigerians to protect themselves against the effects of the economic condition may reasons have been advanced as the cause of the present hardship in the country. One of these reason is that Nigerian population is growing so much as a result, the quantity of food produced in the country and also those imported from other neighboring countries are still not sufficient for the citizens (Hart, 1972).

In most of the developed countries, the population growth rate has been controlled as men and women has chosen to have few children through the means of birth control methods, thereby having a sizeable family that they can be definitely care and provide for.

In Nigeria, the population continues to increase to the extent that the head of state, General Ibrahim Babangida, attempted to control birth rate and population explosion. He passed an unwritten law demanding that each woman must limit her children to four (4).

Recently, an awareness campaign was made on mobilizing the Nigerian populace to be aware of the dangers of large facilities. This campaign tagged “Family planning programme to educate Nigerian’s on how to use various methods of family planning”.

Family planning education has played vital row on educating people from Oju Local Government Area on the modern birth control methods commonly used such as: douching, pills, withdrawal, condom, safe period, injectable, contraceptives forms and sterilization.

The knowledge of these various birth control method are very important as it would assist individuals and couples to choose the best method that appeals to them. Infact many couples still reproduce without adequate care for their children. This in turn has created social, psychological and economic problems.

Statement of Problem

From regular radio and television advertisement and also numerous enlightement campaign sponsored by Planned Parent-hood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) workers and society for family heath (BBC London). It is clear that problems associated with unplanned families nationwide are numerous. Some of these problems among others are complication during pregnancy and delivery, malnutrition of children due to lack of adequate care in terms of provision of balanced diet as a result of limited resources available to cater for large families. These affect the well being of the entire families.

There are many children today that are suppose to be in either primary or secondary schools but would no due to lack of adequate care from their parents. They are sent out to hawk alone in the streets, motor parks, commercial centers and market places. Exposing them to dangers of road accident mixed/couple with corruption including stealing and all kinds of dubious characters creating problems to the entire society.

As a result of this situation the study therefore intends to find out the need for family planning practices and its implications in Oju Local Government Area.

Aims and Objectives 

The study aimed at finding out family planning needs in Oju Local Government Area and the specific objectives were to:

i.                    Find out the implication of family planning practices

ii.                  The awareness of the use of family planning practices

iii.                The effectiveness of these family planning methods.

Significance of the Study 

The focus point of this research work is on family planning needs Oju Local Government Area, implication of family planning education.

On this note therefore, the research will help to educate the readers and general public on family planning practices. The research will also spread out some facts to encourage family planning practices and also provide adequate solution to some problems such as recommendation will be of great value to government and other organizations responsible for the enlighten campaign on family planning.

Research Questions

This study sought the answer to the following research question:-

1.      What are the things needed to be done to encourage family planning practices needs in Oju Local Government Area

2.      What is the effectiveness of family planning method?

3.      Implication of family planning education

Scope of the Study

The study is limited to some selected town/villages in Oju Local Government Area. The study focuses mostly on family and health care workers in Local Government. These selected town and villages are: Ukpa, Ainu, Owo, Uwokwu, Ibila and Oju.

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