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The history of human race has been observed as the histories of drugs used since earliest time, herbs, root, back leaves and plants have been used to relieve pains and help control diseases, if properly administered to individuals or patience, it has been an observed source of blessing. Unfortunately, certain drugs also initial produce some form of entering side effect such as feeling good, action, serenities and power. What initially began as something of remediate, action and culture measure gradually involved with time into a problem of dependence and addition

Drug are said to be abused when likely are not taken for the purpose for which they are meant for, or taken without medical prescription. However the drug addicted mothers or persons is basically one who funds the effect of drugs as the solutions to his or her problems. As in the case of alcohol and alcoholics, the drugs becomes so essential to the users that they cannot face reality without it.

The world health origination committee on drugs define drugs addition in the following ways:

“A state of period or chronic intoxication detrimental to the individual and to society produced by the repeated consumption of a drug ( natural or synthetic) it’s characteristics include:

i.        An overpowering desire or needs (consumption) to continue taking the drug and to abstain from it by any means.

ii.       A tendency to increase the dose

iii.      A psychic (physiological) and, sometimes physical dependence on the effort of drugs.

Drug addiction is a social problem of our time. It has been observed as a social canker whom that has interest our society and all corners of both urban and rural areas. New forms of drugs additions including addition of drugs not yet under the international control are merging. The situation has reached a chronic stage to the extent that there is a development or what amounts to add sub. Culture in our society, which is symbolized by its own mode of dressing its own music, entertainment    and its meeting places witness on the abuse of drugs have given various detinations on “ Drug Abuse SEEDAN 1978)  define drug abuse as self administration of drugs in a manner that deviate from the approved social pattern”  While CLARK 1978. Also says drug” outside medical practice for personal pleasure is abuse of drugs Drug abuse is the illegal or improper use of drugs which includes illegal are substance that when taken into the living organism may modify one or more of its functions

The issues of drug and drug abuse has become so pronounced. There is hardly a day you will pick up a newspaper or listen to news that you don’t hear of drug abuse or located offences. The current audience around the world a continuing upward bend in abuse and trafficking of drugs among mothers or women, pregnant mother. It has been in existence for decades: in recent years the proposition has grown at an alarming rate across social, economic, political national boundanes. The most common abused drugs among the pregnant women are alcohol, tobacco, and barbiturates, inhalants e.t.c the persistent  or periodic intoxication makes it detrimental to pregnant mothers and other individual in the society. The drugs abuse, believe that the drug’s makes them stronger more confident and in control of one’s life or feelings. The feelings is so good that one is temples  to abuse it. The side effect of the drugs males them to become uncomfortable confused and a host of other problems that include paranoid, hallucinating and psychotic. Researchers have also discover that drugs consumption can permanently damage the health and trigger health attack and stroke. It has also been discovered that drugs has to many babies being delivered prematurely, and also born will diseases, killers and utrus, transmitted from the mothers to her foetus.

          Although, pregnant mother ( women) have their reasons for indulging in drug abuse, primary among which are said problems such as deprivation negligence, broken homes e.t.c Emotional and psychological stree could lead to anxiety frustration and economic depression.


One of the most pressing social problems in present day Nigeria is that of drugs abuse, which has become a general topic for discussion everywhere in the country. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of drug abuse among women or pregnant mothers.

·        To identify the rate and extent of pregnant mothers involvement in drug consumption.

·        To educate mothers on the dangers of drug consumption.

·        To find out cause and solution of drug abuse by pregnant mothers.

·        Beside making recommendations, I will also serve as useful information to readers as well as providing suggestions for mother research.


It has been observed that pregnant women abuse certain types of drugs which include alcohol, tobacco, barbiturates their attempt to overcome their social problems such as deprivation, Negligence , broken homes e.t.c. The drug abuse in turn affect their health negatively and thereby led to delivery of premature babies, related babies and babies with different types of handicapping conditions.

These babies upon growth will constitute a problem to society at large. They would be said problems, dependency, bread eater’s e.t.c. The government would surfer to take care of them, as they will be liabilities to the society and drain the economy of the society.

The researchers is therefore interested in investigating of the above assertion is the and if it is not true, to wind extent and to make recommendations to amelioide them.


The importance of the study is to discourage drug abuse mother from abusing drugs. Emphasis should be on prevention and to eventually control it. This study when completed will highlight the prevalence of drug abuse among pregnant mothers.

Another importance of this study is to reduce the high rate of broken home, mentally related children and children will study is based at educating those that are involved or mothers that involved themselves on the vulnerability of this habit. It is therefore to serve as combination to the social discipline, and source of information from where policies shall be made to taken problems and issues on drug abuse in our society. Finally pregnant mother being members of the nation, have a role to play in the economic emancipation by contributing to our development when the form drugs to enable them live a reasonable and productive life. 


The hypothesis of the study includes the following:

·                    Pregnant mothers consume or abuse drugs

·                    Drug consumption by pregnant mothers has no effect on their health

·                    Drug consumption by pregnant mothers does affect he unbion foetus   babies

·                    Drug consumption by pregnant mothers has no effect on family

·                    There is no significant relationship between drug consumption by pregnant mothers and abnormal  behaviors in the society.

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