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This project is an attempt to study some of the semantic redundancies found in students' speech. This is with a view to identify some long observed peculiarities in the use of redundancy in the students' use of English.

In the context of language studies, semantics occupies the end continuum. Semantics is at the top level because it deals with communication and interpretation. The major problem is with the definition of the subject simply as the study of meaning. Meaning is the target/goal in language. In whatever we do, we try to get meaning. The challenge is trying to find the meaning of meaning itself

Ogden and Richard (1923) said the major problem in semantics is trying to control "what is meaning".

This project work is concerned with the repetitions made by students while speaking.

However, any issue raised here would be considerably discussed and illustrated with adequate examples. Thus the findings of this work will on the other hand add to the existing literature(s) on semantic redundancy as a localized contribution to knowledge.


The aim of this project is to identify and analyze the features of redundancy in the speech of students of the Department of Mathematics of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

The specific objectives of this project are to:

i.            Determine the linguistic motivation for redundancy.

ii.            Establish a clear demarcation between samples of data taken and their Standard English version.


The importance of clarity and correctness in communication cannot be over emphasized. Therefore, this work on semantic redundancy is desirable because it provides some insights into the prevalence of redundancy in the verbal interaction of the students selected as the subject of the project. More so, the findings of this work will not only contribute to the existing literature on semantic redundancy, but would help anyone who goes through this work to avoid tautology in their speech.

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