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This research investigates the concept of infidelity and deceit, the purpose is to create happier homes by revealing the already known facts about these two concepts, and broaden of horizons and brings to our knowledge several hidden facts. It examines two plays, the Midnight and Fiddlers on a midnight Lark by Femi Osofisan, and how the plays proffer solutions to the ills prevalent in our society. This was carried out using the literary method of research. It was concluded that couples could work through infidelity when they work together to achieve it and deceit is a concept in which we can avoid.



1.1  Background of Study

The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear the word infidelity is cheating, which is not far from its true meaning. To some, when infidelity is discussed they focus on married couples and sex. It is not exactly so, infidelity goes beyond cheating on your spouse and having sex with someone outside your relationship.

Infidelity involves feeling and actions according to Barta and Kiene:

Sharing intimate thought expending great amount of trust or emotional resources with an individual outside a relationship can be termed as infidelity (2005:10)

Infidelity is one of the reasons for breakups in relationship and divorces in marriages. It ranges from intensity, forms and types: According to Leeker and Carlozzi:

infidelity is the subjective feeling that one partner has violated a set of rules or relationship norms and this violation results in feelings of sexual, jealousy and rivalry (2012:5).

The violation can be sexual in nature, for example kissing, fondling, and intercourse with another individual outside a relationship.

According to Treas, J., & Gissen

Infidelity could be referred to as breaking a promise to remain faithful to a Sexual partner (2007: 3)

 The promise to remain faithful to a sexual partner can take place in many form, from marriage vows sanctified by the state to privately altered verbal agreement, between lovers. As unthinkable as the notion of breaking such bounds are or may be, infidelity is common and when it does happen, it raises theories and painful questions.

In as much as we want to believe that infidelity is a problem that we hope not to encounter in our marriages or relationships, we should be aware that is not present in our everyday life and should be treated with caution.

The causes of infidelity and its effect varies and it could be difficult to pin-point. However, here are some common effects of infidelity. Having your spouse or partner cheat on you could result in mixed feeling, some of which include:

1.          Injury to self – image

2.          Injury to self-confidence.

3.          Loss of trust and belonging

4.          Feeling of hostility and vengeance

5.          Feeling of insecurity and undesirability

6.          Depression

7.          Feelings of humiliation and rage

8.          Divorce.

Infidelity could have terrible effect on children and the family, and these effects we will examine as the study goes on.

The other concept we need to take a look at is deceit. According to the thesaurus dictionary,

“Deceit is the act or practice of deceiving people” It could also mean a trick, deception, fraud etc.

The term deceit is a very broad one, because several people have different ideas on it. According to the Oxford English Dictionary

Deceit is an act of deceiving someone. An act or practice Intended to deceive; a trick the tort or fraudulent representation of facts (2011: 285)

In looking at the concept of deceit, there are several interesting questions to answer: If we don’t tell our friends the whole truth about the situation they are in just to make them feel better, could that be referred to as deceit? We should not forget that deceits are not true or acts to propagate beliefs that are not true or whole truth (as in half-truth or omission). It could involve dissimulation, propaganda or concealment and self-deception.

We should know that deceit plays a major role in fostering infidelity. Deceit violates rules, and it is also considered to be a negative violation of expectations. A significant amount of deception occurs between romantic and rational partners. It is a major rational transgression that often leads to feelings of betrayal and mistrust amongst partners.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

This research work will treat the subjects of infidelity and deceit. The objectives of this work is to clearly define the terms infidelity and deceit and present it to us how they are present in the works of Femi Osofisan. 

1.3     Rationale of Study

Aside the fact that this work is in fulfilment of study as a theatre artist, the motivation of this work, is in the idea of creating happier homes, by clearly defining the subjects "infidelity and deceit", and its effect because it is one of the major reasons of divorces in marriages.

Furthermore, it is an area that have not been exploited by other scholars. Therefore, it is pioneer research work.

1.4  Significance of Study

This is an attempt to create awareness and educate people on the effects of infidelity and deceit on individuals, and the society generally as clearly seen from the analysis of Osofisan's two plays: Midnight Hotel and Fiddlers on a Midnight Lark.

This study will serve as reference materials to researchers and scholars who are interested in this area of study.

Furthermore, it will improve on the already existing knowledge on this area of study.

1.4     Methodology

This research work will be carried out using the literary method also known as the analytical method. This will be achieved through documented sources such as books, journals, archival, magazines, etc. These materials will be read and analysed in order to gather information.

1.5     Scope of Study

This research work is streamlined to focus on the concept of infidelity and deceit in the works of Femi Osofisan.

It will discuss various forms of deceit, various forms of infidelity, its causes and effects in the plays, midnight hotel and fiddlers on a Mid-night Lark written by Femi Osofisan.

1.6     Limitation of Study

Time and financial constraint was a hindrance to this study.

Unavailability of relevant materials, impeded the process of sorting and seeking out information related to this study.

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