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1.1       Background of the Study

Children hold the candle for the bright future and development of a given state and success in their studies provides the backbone to this effect. However, this can only be possible if they are provided with sufficient resources such as textbooks, laboratory, equipment, teaching staff and other services. But of all these, human resources is the most important as far as the development of the child is concerned.(Jackson, 2010) agrees with this by arguing that when the right quantity and quality of human resources is brought together, it can manipulate other resources toward realizing the organizational goals and objectives. It has long being argued and established that the quality and stability of human resources has a high correlation with the level and quality of organizational performance and productivity. If this were the case, then every school should strive to attract and retain the best quality and right quality teachers.

A school is an avenue through which many children’s future events and opportunities can be realized, unfortunately, it is the teaching profession  that loses thousands of dedicated members each year, putting those most vulnerable children at a risk of failing to realize opportunities offered to them through quality education. The loss of a particular care giver with whom a child has established a trusting relationship can affect the child’s feelings of security in the care setting and also may affect the development of cognitive and social skills of the child (Promise, 2014).

The administrative may be left scrambling to find a competent and knowledgeable person to fill the vacant position, most times they have difficult time doing so and this affects the performance of the pupils (Promise, 2014).

In a similar view Matthew (2012) states that teachers turn over affects students learning. There are many reasons to think it would, as an institution memory is lost and resources are spent on the hiring process. Thus, teachers’ instability affects the quality of care that will be given to pupils.

Furthermore, attention must be given to the education and Psycho-social development of pupils during their early years in school. This is essential for further wellbeing of a nation and the global community (Adeja, 2009). Thus, it is imperative to point out the effects of teachers’ instability on the performance of pupils particularly in some private schools in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State and proffer solutions to the frequent changing of teachers in order to have a brighter future on the Plateau and in Nigeria as a whole.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

The most important single resource in any organization is people. Teachers therefore have the biggest impact on pupils and that is why when a teacher leaves, the effect is not only felt by the school administrators but by the pupils who most times suffer the consequences. The issue of poor academic performance of pupils in Nigeria has been of much concern to all sundry; the problem is so much that it has led to the widely fallen standard of education in Plateau State and in Nigeria as a whole. This has been attributed to so many factors and one of such factors is teachers’ instability. The rate of teachers’ turnover in most private schools in Jos North is alarming. There are complaints by many parents over the frequent changes of teachers in most of these private schools. Most teachers could barely spend four to five years in a school especially when the condition of services is not favorable or when there is frequent misunderstanding with the school administrators. Some parents keep moving their children from one school to another due to this frequent changing of teachers. This, of course will certainly have some negative effects on the pupils who most times take a longer period to understand the teaching methodology of the new teachers and sometimes the new teacher may be inexperienced and unqualified. It is against this background that this research seeks to establish the effects of teachers’ instability on the performance of pupils in private schools in Jos North Local Government area of Plateau State.

1.3       Aims and Objectives

The aim of this research work is to determine the effect of teachers’ instability on the performance of pupils in Private schools in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State.

            The objectives of the studies are as follows:

a.       To determine the effects of teachers’ instability on pupils performance in private schools.

b.      To identify the causes of teachers’ instability.

c.       To give possible solution to the problems of teachers’ instability

1.4       Research Questions

The research is an attempt to provide answers (solution) to the following.    

1.      In what ways are pupils affected by the instability of teachers?

2.      What are the factors responsible for teachers’ instability?

3.      What can be done to remedy teachers’ instability?                          

1.5       Significance of the Study

The importance of this research is to show the extent to which teachers’ instability affects the performance of pupils. Thus, the research will benefit the followings:

1.         The researcher: It will broaden the knowledge of the researcher since it will involve a lot of studies.

2.         To private schools: It will help in guiding private school owners to know how to care and treasure their staff in order to sustain them for better performance.

3.         Government, ministry of education and other institution. It will serve as a recommendation to schools and other private institutions for their policy formulation.

4.         To other researcher: This research will serve as a future reference Material for future research work by other researchers.

5.         To other stakeholders: The research will also be of great help to educational administrators, curriculum planners, policy makers etc.

1.6       Delimitation of the Study

There are several factors that affect the optimum performance of students. One of such factors is the instability of teachers. Thus, this research will focus mainly on the effects of teachers’ instability of the performance of pupils in private school with a particular attention on Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State.

1.7       Definition of Terms

Teacher – A person whose job is teaching especially in a school.

Effect – A change that somebody or something causes in somebody or something else.

Instability – A quality in which things are likely to change or fall suddenly.

Pupil - A person who is being taught, especially a child is a school.

Performance - How well or badly you do something.

Private schools - An educational institution that belong to an individual or a person

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