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1.1      Background to the Study

Before Nigeria became a modern society most of the groups that made up the geographical are lived in communities. In these communities there were rules of behavior and sanctions to punish many deviations from the laid down rules. At this time communities were not very large customs and tradition laid down by elders were strictly adhered to without questions. But over the years Nigerian has had many influences through her contact with foreigners and through the mass media to modify the acceptable norms of behaviors some of the influence appear to have been ill digested and misunderstood.

        Many people from different communities were inter-mixed with urban areas and there are no known customs and traditions which guide the people’s behavior, as a result society is interested with all kinds of people whose misbehaviors and misdeeds are matter of a great concern to the society at large. Such is the situation that indiscipline within society has become a mirror for the schools which themselves are super imposed on the existing indigenous cultures of the communities in which appears to be a bye product of “modern”  or “western” cultures of great concern to most people in various works of life. People such as teachers, Educationist, Administrators, parents, journalist, community leaders, church leader, clergymen and the government are concern in one way or the other.

        As we all known education happened to be the greatest single industry in Nigeria and we noticed that million of Nigeria youths are daily trooping into various institutions of learning in pursuit of knowledge and general education of the mind. Both the federal and state government are making efforts every day to equalize educational opportunities to all Nigerians but these efforts of the government are faced with several problems and the problems is that of indiscipline. In Nigeria today, there appear to be a high degree of indiscipline which is contrary o the expected behavior of cultural people.

        In schools and colleges the situation is worst off. Today school absenteeism, disobedience, oppression, lying, fighting, stealing, impersonation attack.

        On teachers lateness to school skipping classes, vandalizing of school property and various form of occultism have become reasonable practice among our youths. The school is supposed to be the major institution for socializing it has in recent years become breeding grounds for act of indiscipline. Today principles and members of staff find themselves in a school filled with students who are disposed to violence not only their fellow students but also to the principals and members of staff and even to their parents back home.

        However, in an indiscipline school, students will not benefit sufficiently from their teachers and co-students in the same way teachers would not be encouraged to impact the maximum information or knowledge to their students. Thus, this kind of situation is capable of jeopardizing the smooth running of any educational institution. In recent years most Nigerian schools have had to cope with the students unrest and riot by students.

        However, in many cases school authorities blame the parents for the recalcitrant attitudes of students while parents on their part attributes the common waves of indiscipline to the teachers and most people also attributes these causes of indiscipline to the influence of peer group, influence of mass media on students and so on.

1.2      Statement of Problem

Whatever the contention, however it is obvious that indiscipline has posed a serious threat to our educational institution specially the following questions are needed to resolve the problems of the study.

a.           Do parents contribute to act of indiscipline among students?

b.           Has the mass media any impact among students?

c.           To what extent are teachers responsible for act of indiscipline?

d.          Does poor school administration causes indiscipline in school?

e.           Does lack of moral instruction in school curriculum lead to act of indiscipline in school?

f.            Does social expectation from students lead to indiscipline in schools?

g.           What effects have rigid school rules and regulations on school indiscipline?

1.3      Purpose of Study      

1.          The purpose of the study is to assertion the causes associated with indiscipline among students in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

2.          It also aims at looking into the effect of indiscipline in school.

3.          As well as preferring possible educational solutions to the problems identified.

1.4      Hypothesis

These following hypotheses have been formulated for this study.

1.          There is not significant difference between the male and female teacher’s perception of indiscipline in schools based on home family background.

2.          There is no significant difference in teacher’s and student’s perception of indiscipline as regards to poor administration rules and regulations.

3.          There is not significant difference in teacher’s perception of indiscipline in girls and boys school due to societal influence.

1.5      Scope and Delimitation

This research is to explain the teacher perception of the causes of indiscipline among students in Ored Local Government Area of Edo State.

        The study sample will be limited to four selected secondary schools within Benin-City due to their easy accessibility.

1.6      Significance of Study

        The significance of this study can not be over emphasized in this rapidly developing and ever growing country of ours particularly in the secondary school in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State.

        The countries hope of creating a democratic egalitarian and self-reliant, society with full opportunities for all would not be achieved if youths are not disciplined. The rate of indiscipline in our post primary schools particularly in Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State that often reduces impact in academic performance of students in West African examination council and the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination.

        The significance of this research therefore lies in examine indiscipline schools in Oredo and it is hoped that by identifying the causes of indiscipline in schools remedial steps aimed at combating the concept would become workable.

        Corrective measure will be provided which can be used to curtail the rising disciplinary problems among our youths.

        Finally the researchers are of the opinion that future researchers would find this work useful in the course of their study.

1.7      Definition of Terms

Perception –             Ability to perceive, keen natural understanding

Discipline –              Educating learners to behave normally and in accordance with the acceptable rules and regulation of a particular institution and the society.

Indiscipline –           Deviation from the accepted rulers norms and regulation of the school and society.



        Indiscipline is not new in our society except that in recent times the rate of increase with which it is occurring is quite alarming among our youths in Nigeria today. It is common in our schools, homes, offices, government department e.g. ministries and in our public life, and day to day living. This led to the launching of the war against indiscipline award by the past military administration of major General Muhammadu Buhari to stem the rising tidal wave of indiscipline and corruption in the country.

        In trying to discuss about indiscipline, it is best to understand what indiscipline is itself.

        Discipline could be seen as controlled behavioral attitude aimed at ensuring conformity with the acceptable norms in a given society. This could be in form of control which an individual exercises upon himself. Discipline could also be subjection of children to proper, conduct by instructing exercise control and moral training over them, any deviation from the above constitute indiscipline.

        Discipline therefore is one of the most controversial topics in education. This is because it is an area of interest to teachers, parents and government in actual fact, discipline can not be diverse from the learning process as a result of its importance, it has not failed to attract the waiting of some educationist who is interested in the topic.

        In their book “Logic of Education” Hirst P.H and Peter, R.S contend that discipline in school is used suffices to the maintenance of general conditions or order without which nothing can be effectively learnt.

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