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The study was designed to find out, the relationship between effective educational planning and staff performance. A case study of some selected schools in Lagos State.

Six schools were selected from some schools in Lagos, are king Ado- High School, Girls Academy Grammar School, Ebute Elefun High School, Eko Akete High School, Dolpihin High School and Okesuna high School. Analysis of data by all, revealed that there is significant relationship between effective educational planning and staff performance.

Research methodology identified the sampling technique used in selecting the sample population. Based on the outcomes, a number of recommendation were made to improve educational planning and staff performance in schools.  




In Nigeria as many other developing countries, education has been us usually considered to be the cornerstone of economic growth and developments. Nigeria government believes that to survive in the competitive world economy quality of education is the key variable.

The need for research in educational planning, the education industry is fast becoming rather complex to manage,  hence it is today faced with a lot of complex problems which emanate from different sources namely, the learners, the teachers and authorities in and out of the school, the micro and macro environments.

In the last couple of years also according to Borg & Gall (1979) educational research has become much more complex and sophisticated, which enable researchers to make increasingly valuable contributions to educational practice. Research is directed towards the solution of a problem, it may attempt to answer a questions or to determine the relationship between two or more variables. If there is no problem, there will be no need for research.

Research emphasizes the development of generalizations, principles or theories that will be helpful in predicting future occurrences. Research usually goes beyond the specific objects groups or situations investigated and it infers the characteristics of a target population from the sample observed, research is more than information retrieval.

Research involves gathering new data from primary or firsthand sources or using existing data for a new purpose. Not only this, research is empirical observable, can be tested).

It is the collection of data that identifies research as empirical. It should be realized that certain things/question do not lend themselves to research procedures because they cannot be observed.

Research requires expertise and confidence. A researcher has been on which to build on. This forces the researcher to aspire to inject some originality into his work.

Further still, research is logical and objective. The researcher applies every possible step to validate the procedures employed. The data collected and the conclusions reached. He attempts to eliminate personal feelings and blasé. There is no attempts to personalize or to prove and emotionally held conviction.

The emphasis is on testing rather than on proving the hypothesis.

Researcher must expect disappointments and discouraging encounters as he/she pursues the answers to different question. A good researcher must not expect something for nothing.

One of the first steps in carrying out educational research according to Borg & Gall (1979) is to develop a research plans but before doing this one must know something about sampling educational measurement, research design and other important elements in the research process.


The poor funding of education in most third world countries does enable the system to have manageable class sizes, adequate student, classroom space and appropriate class utilization rates, inspite of the fact that these factors determine the productivity of teachers and students academic performance. Hence, this study is interest in the investigation of the extent to which class factors like class size, student, classroom space and classroom utilization rate as well as motivation of teachers determined secondary school teachers, academic performance in Lagos Island Local Government.

The problems of school facilities a determinant of teacher performance can be stated compactly thus. The secondary school education is seen to be falling below the standard.

The problem cannot be divorced from the teacher’s performances.

The teachers moral if not boosted would generate nonchalant attitudes to their productivity. Unproductive teachers will rear up indisciplined students, lacking good moral (affective) academically unsound who would not be able to use their manipulative skills to development themselves and the national large (psychomotor) all these problems will make the future of our youths and the nation as a whole bleak, without hope. The National Policy on Education objectives may not be realized.


The objective of the study is to identify school facilities and it can go a long way in determing teacher’s performance with the spillover effect on the quality of students produce in Nigerian secondary school particularly in Lagos Island Local Government.

This study is also aimed at:

1.   Identifying the reasons for the fall in the standard of secondary school education.

2.   Identifying the quality and quality of secondary school facilities in Lagos State.

3.   Searching into how teachers could help to solve the problem of fall in education standard.

4.   Highlighting what kinds of motivation teachers would need to have maximum productivity.


The following research questions were raised during the course of this work. They are:

1.   How adequate are school faculties in Lagos State secondary school?

2.   What are those things that motivate teachers towards given qualitative education to their student?

3.   What are the causes of fall in the standard of secondary school education in Lagos State?

4.   What roles do teachers play in shaping the lives of secondary school students

5.   What is the role of government in enhancing school facilities for proper learning and teaching?

6.   What roles do periodic workshop and seminar have on teachers performances?


Ho 1: Availability and adequate of school facilities do not significantly determine teachers productivity in Lagos state secondary school. 

Ho 2: There is no significant relationship between teacher’s motivation and their performance.

Ho 4: Government has no significant role to play in enhancing school facilities towards boosting the productivity of teachers.

Ho 5: Periodic workshop and seminar have no significant impact on teacher performance in secondary school.


This study is intended to provide information on the importance of an idea school environment that will enhance effective teaching and learning. The study will throw more light on the need for teachers to develop positive attitude that will enhance maximum productivity.

This work will be very useful to students, researchers, teachers and the policy maker in the education sector.


This research work focuses on identifying some school facilities that if not provided by the stakeholder, may jeopardize the commitment of secondary school teachers.

The study was limited to selected secondary schools in Lagos Island Local Government Area of Lagos State. Throughout this work, primary data were made used of secondary data may as well be used is the read arise.


The study may be basically limited by time and financial constraints.

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