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The main concern of this study was to the final out of the teenage pregnancy and how it affects the educational development of our teenagers in Chikun Local Government area of Kaduna state. The study emphasized on the factor behind teenage pregnancy in the local government. The study revealed that teenage girls having relationship with older male counterpart watching pornographic film without adult guidance, giving them out in marriage to prevent them from prostituting inadequate information on sex education. The study indicated that despite the attitudes parents towards teaching of sex education, there were some problems, which need to be seriously looked into the Kaduna State Government, such as the inclusion of sex education at home or at school. The study also emphasized on the attitudes of the local government  area on the concept of teenage pregnancy and it was discovered by the researcher that sex education is need in the incidence of teenage pregnancies child abandonment, illegal abortion, rape and sexually transmitted diseases.


1.0     Introduction

Teenage pregnancy is an international act that results in physical and emotional act of teenage. The term teenage pregnancy covers a period of time by which a girl is carrying or having an unborn baby growing inside her womb.

The need to sustain the continuity of human race and uncontrovertibly fact that the younger generations naturally take over the mantle of sweat control from their older counterpart is perhaps one of the strongest reasons why the rights to teenagers have become a common refrain globally. Teenage pregnancy means a girl having pregnant under the age of (18) by a person who is responsible for the teenage welfare but threated her sexually which led to physical or mental injury or child abuse.

A teenage of any age, race, religion and socio-economic background can fall victims to maltreated which may include both acts of commission and those of omission. Watson &Lindgreen (1979). Although the extend of teenage pregnancy is difficult to measure, it is recognized as a major social problem especially in industrialized nation. It occurs in all levels of socio-demographic characteristic such as income, recial, religion and ethics groups and in urban and rural comminute it is however common in some groups, especially those with lower status in the society. (National Research Council, 2003).

Teenage pregnancy is social problems which subject thousand of teenage to physical, sexual and emotional abuse and its effects are severe. Pake and Collmer (1975).

Baldron (1950) teenage stage is a period where reactivation of the sexual drives that has been inactive doing the catency period. Teenages are in the boundary of childhood and adulthood, but no exact teenage age varies from person to person, but there is no exact age to be said is a teenage. Some start developing the characteristics of a teenage at the age of (10, 11 up to 18) which ate both physically and emotionally. The emotional attributes includes sexual feelings, feeling been matured enough and perceptions as a women. While the physical characteristic include development increase of breast size, growing of hair in the armpit and virginal part and Menstruation.

In Nigeria, today teenage pregnancy can be identified under different categories ranging from child asset, labour, early sexual engagement resulting to visco vascular fistulae (V.V.F) broken family, vulnerable children, children mother learning with children, handicapped parent child trafficking, poor upbringing, hawking, house-girl children subjected is poverty in their teenage ages. Thus these children are continually exposed to be problems especially in these hard time they will become very dangerous to the nation that already incessant increase of prostitution, broken homes and sexualassact which the cause may not be ta-tetched from our regencies of children of yesterday.

Word Health  Organization (2004), opined that a teenagers is a person between (15-19_ years of ages they said is a period where an individual is shaped and prepapred for adulthood responsibilities they said also that there are advantages and disadvantages of teenage pregnancy or having a baby at ones teenage stages they went ahead to say that when you are younger the benefits are usually associated with greater fertility a more healthy pregnancy and a quicker recovery after birth. But the down side is that your social life, education and training can be severally disrupted just when it might be taking off into and interesting direction. More so, they said some teenagers are much more capable of looking after a child than the older women because late motherhood or late pregnancy has a greater risk of complications in the pregnancy and reduce fertility. Being older, they said can also be more exhausting looking after growing children.

According to Kinby (2001), victims of teenage pregnancy lacked information of probably were not adequately educated on safe-sex either by their parents, school or development agencies that could have enable them deals with friends who lure them into sex pre-maturely. He stressed further that children of single parents are more vulnearable to teenage pregnancy studies found that between (20-30) percent of pregnancies in teenagers are direct results of rape. Philologically the mind of 10 mothers is not yet handle the challenges of parenting and motherhood this is why majority of the mother live with relative who help them to cat for their babies.

This is found in all societies but more especially in northern part of the country, Nigeria more emphasis will be placed in Kaduna state of Chikun Local Government where by there is lack of parented care and the way parents give their daughters in marriage at a very tender pregnancies in the community. Teenage pregnancy is common in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state. According to (Ruth, 2003), early sexual activity poses health problems to young women, some of the problems include anemia pregnancy include hypertension and prolonged labour the baby is at greater risk of low birth weight and this leads to higher parental mortality rate, (Wikipedia, 2009).

Teenagers pregnancy makes the teenagers vulnerable to unplanned parenthood. In addition, women who have sex at age are more biologically susceptable to number of a sexual transmitted infections, which include (HIV, AIDs) than adult women. (Myles, 1999).

As a result of teenagers pregnancy, many young girl in our society have been rendered hopeless, because of the associated problems especially to little children.

1.1     Statement of the Problems

It has been observed that the teenager pregnancy has health hazards and most teenagers suffer from prolonged labour, Vesico, vaginal fistula (V.V.F) and sometimes the mother and baby die during labour. Wikipedia (2009). Teenage pregnancy has created problems of child abuse, dumping of children in gutters and on much occasion abortion.

1.2     Objective of the Study

The broad objective of this study is to determine the effects of teenage pregnancy of inhabitants of chikun local government area of Kaduna state.

The objectives of these study were:

1.     To identify the causes of teenage pregnancy in the study area

2.     To determine weather the culture is a contributors factors to teenagers pregnancy in the study area.

3.     To identify those with VVF or other complication

4.     To determine the number of people that has died due to teenage pregnancy in the study area.

1.3     Research Questions

1.                 What are the factors respondents for teenage pregnancies in Kaduna North?

2.                 What is the role of the culture in the causing teenage pregnancy in Kaduna North?

3.                 What is the role of teenage pregnancy in the cause of VVF in the teenagers?

4.                 What association has teenage pregnancy with the sudden death of many teenagers?

1.4     Significance of the Study                   

The research will provide useful information to both the state and the local government on how to manage or solve problems created by the teenagers pregnancy. The work will add to the available literature on the topic for future students. By the end of the study the inhabitants of the study will be aware of the effects of teenage pregnancy and stop forcing their young girls to early marriage.

1.5     Scope of the Study

The study was delimited to the causes of teenage pregnancy. It was further being delimited to the effects of teenage girls in Kaduna north Local Government Kaduna North Kaduna state.

1.6     Operational Definition of Terms

          The following terms were operationally defined as used in the study:-

1.                 Child Abuse:- Maltreatment of the younger ones

2.                 EarlyMarriage: Early marriage can be defined as the Union of man and woman either legally or illegal below the age of (18) or below the normal age of child bearing.

3.                 Health:- Is defined as a state of complete physical socio, mental well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

4.                 Teenage: Young person between 13-17 years

5.                 Delinquency:- Minor offence of misdead especially the young ones.

6.                 VesicoVaginal Fistula:- An abnormal opening between the bladder and the vagina.

7.                 HIV/AIDs: Human Immune Deficiency virus and acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

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