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This study was conducted to examine the availability and utilization of instructional materials in primary schools in Wamakko Local Government Area in Sokoto State. This study therefore, used descriptive survey to investigate the availability of instructional materials. The population for the study was 881 and sample size was 285 based on Research Advisor (2013) table of determining sample size. The data was collected through the use of AUIMQ (Availability and Utilization of Instructional Materials Questionnaire). The data collected was analyzed using frequency and percentages. The study revealed that there were no adequate instructional materials in the schools and the few available ones are not mostly put to use because of teachers inability to operate them or their ignorance to utilize the materials. This research study found that teaching without instructional materials is ineffective and therefore teachers should try to utilize the available instructional materials for effective teachings and learning.



1.1         Background to the Study

The idea of using materials and equipments to enhance effectiveness in the instructional process is as old as mankind, the wise teacher will always use equipment or aids in form of instructional materials to help the learners understand and learn better. The unavailability of instructional materials in our primary schools and the little or no use of the available ones has impacted on the performance of children at the primary level.

In the recent years, there has been discussions and debates on the falling standard of education. The blame has been shifted from one education variable to another. Teachers, parents and pupils share the blame, ministries of education are often to blamed from the deteriorating condition in schools. It is with this background in mind that the researchers undertook the research on accessibility and the utilization of instructional materials in Wamakko Local Government Primary Schools.

Instructional materials are doubtlessly useful tools hence when applied effectively by a teacher help to enrich his teaching and stimulate in his student the desire to learn. Instructional materials, however do not achieve any of the attributed value on their own, their usefulness depends on what the teacher makes out of them. Intelligent handling of these materials in classroom is necessary. For effective utilization of instructional materials teachers must understand how to use and control instructional materials. Unless the classroom teacher uses these devices and directs the pupils attention to what they should look for, the pupils will not learn as much as intended form the devices.

To illustrate ideas, demonstrate abstract ideas and processes and show relationship of ideas in developing sequence requires an intelligent application of instructional materials. It is of almost importance, for the teacher to be at home with the limitation of the chosen materials so as to facilitate its effective utilization.

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