Investing in High Technologies for a Sustainable and Efficient Growth in the Sub-Saharan African Countries

Investing in High Technologies for a Sustainable and Efficient Growth in the Sub-Saharan African Countries

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This paper discusses the benefits for the Sub-Saharan African countries to invest in high-technologies as a more efficient long-term growth strategy. This type of investment can produce much more effective results than investing in the traditional sectors like agriculture. This paper is organized in four main parts. The first provides an analytical view of the economy in Sub-Saharan Africa, and its perspectives; the second part presents a review of the established economic theories behind technological progress, and it also provides specific domains of applicability of high-technologies; the third part describes the empirical study with determinants of technological progress combined with regression analysis results; and the last section presents the policy recommendations required in education, scientific research and development, governments’ priorities, and other incentives that can guarantee success of a technology policy.

Key words: High-technology, Economic growth, Sub-Saharan Africa.

JEL classification: O31, O33, O38.

Table of Contents


I. Sub-Saharan Africa’s Economy 

Current economic situation 

Economic perspectives 

Efficiency, or inefficiency, of the production model?

II. Economic theories behind technological progress, and domains of applicability of high-technologies 

The Neoclassical growth theory 

The Endogenous growth theory 

Growth of high-technology industries vs. other manufacturing industries 

A country level experience: case of South Korea 

Domains of applicability of high-technologies in SSA 

III. Empirical study 

Determinants of technological progress 

Empirical model 


Results and Analysis 

IV. Policy recommendations 

Education system 

Technology programs 

Access to international markets 



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