Advantage of imitation and innovation for economic development and sustainability

Advantage of imitation and innovation for economic development and sustainability

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 Annotation: There are a few who invent great ideas that renew the past and move the future. Imitation takes place in all area of life, from educational sphere to Business, IT Technology Companies, Car Manufacturing companies, Building and construction companies, furniture’s and decorating firms, Engineering, law, medicine, government institutions, press publishing companies, TV, etc. The road to development and sustainable growth lies in the power and art of imitation.  We can see these all around us from ford motoes to Mercedes Benz, to Peugeots, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Hamburger to MacDonald, Apple notebook, phones to sunny laptop, hp, Asus, Lenovo etc. These are examples of the art of imitation and innovation at work. History shows that no country has ever become rich by exporting raw materials without also having an industrial sector, and in modern terms an advanced services sector. The more a country specializes in the production of raw materials only, the poorer it becomes … Industry Multiplies National Wealth. The question becomes why and how do countries that imitates and innovate quickly become developing and fully develop nations than those that refuses to imitate and innovate? It has been said nothing is new it’s a matter of making an old thing looks new if this is applicable why can’t developing nations like Nigeria leapfrog to join the rest of develop nations? What are the causes of the less develop nations inability to leapfrog and join the rest of the developed nations? 

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