Design and Implementation of Web Based Crime Reporting System

Design and Implementation of Web Based Crime Reporting System

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        It should come as no surprise, then, that technology continue our limited, though uniquely human capabilities.  Until recently, most of these productivity tools were developed as aids to perform brute labour or clerical tasks infact, the computer has become widely accepted as an assistant that is exceptionally competence at well defined, repetitive tasks.  Now researchers have developed and entirely new kinds of tool of computer that serves as an assistant whose skills include finding reasonable solution to problem for which there may be no hard and fast “right” answers.  At this point one can say that a crime records are  computer system that uses extensive experience-base knowledge of a subject  to give intelligently in the same way s a human expert for instance imagine a machine that can listen to your medical problems with an expert diagnostician and even prescribe therapies to alleviate your disease.

        A computerized crime record system can generally decide on the next step to be taken in a problem solving issue.  traditionally, computer software has used an algorithmic or procedural approach to problem solving in other words it sued a rigid step-by-step approach.  But to be able to function correctly, of all the possible combinations of input and data values have to be including in the program.  This manually manipulation of case in state CID (i.e. Enugu state CID headquarters) involve two levels, the data and the code or control.  But this approach is that complex task require complex codes, and to aid new information.


During the analysis and data collection of this project, it was discovered there has existed a manual form of storing and keeping information for future use on crime record at state CID Enugu. That is to say that the process of daily task and activities are done manually quite unfortunately, manually procedural for job execution delays and reduces ones output quality.

        Manual crime record keeping has resulted in many set lacks to the expected standard.  The bottleneck encountered includes: 

·                    Time wasted and resultants long quarries

·                    Partial or total loss of file or documents

·                    Under recording of criminal analysis

·                    Exposures of confidential matters

·                    Inefficiency of some members of staff due to laziness in searching of the files.

As a result of these problem, the manual system of crime record system information storage, input and retrieval is very clumsy: inefficient and unbelievable.


This text on crime record on computer is developed to carryout tedious work and activities perform by human beings, in which they end up misplacing and discarding some important files and case records.  But if this (computerized crime record) is installed it will render remedy to this case.


The main aims and objective of the system are:

·                    To design a web based crime record and information system to replace some extent of human role in cases of unavailability of job

·                    To provide quick reference to an expert opinion

Also the main behind the design of this software is to model a computerized crime record to enable professionals and non-professional.

1.4      SCOPE

The scope of this project is limited to the same of crime record by Enugu State CID.  And this crime includes: rape, arson, fire-outbreak, murder, stealing, armed robbery, and other ones you will find in the project as time goes on.


Due to time and financial constraints, the researcher could not carryout the research on a high level.  The respondents are not willing to assist me on exact facts needed to write this project work, while in progress.


To fully understand what the study is all about, important and dispensable terms have been chosen and due definition given to them.

-              Computer:  This is an electronic device operated under the control of instruction stored in its memory unit which can accept and store data for future use as well as produce output from the processing.

-              User interface:  The human computer interface or user interface technology allows users to interact with the system.  The user presents the problem and the conclusion presented to him/her.

-              Knowledge Base:  This is the most important element of a record system; since it holds expert’s problem solving knowledge.  It is where the knowledge elicited from the expert is stored.  To put it in a short form, one can say that it is the medium through which a human expert’s knowledge is made available to the computer.

-              Inference Engine:  This is the part of the program which reasons and determines how to apply the knowledge into the knowledge base, to the facts and premises presented at the user interface it perform this task in order to deduces new fact which are used to draw further conclusions.  The interface engine is the active component of an expert system, since it steers through knowledge base and progress the whole interaction.

-              Crime Record:  Crime record and criminal proceedings are concerned with wrongs regarded as committed by the individual against society for which guilty individuals must be punished.  Therefore the objective of criminal proceedings are to determine the guilt or innocence of the accused person and if that person is found to be quality, the wrongdoer must be punished and protect the society, and rehabilitate the offender.

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