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1.1 Introduction

A port scanner is a piece of software designed to search a network host for open ports. This is often used by administrators to check the security of their networks and by hackers to compromise it. An online port scanner will scan your computer looking for open ports. Programs use ports (like we use doors) to visit and communicate with the outside world (the net).Viruses now have built in port scanners that scour the internet looking for unsuspecting computers with open ports; when they find them, they cripple your software or worse, stay hidden and report your personal activity and information to another system. To port scan a host is to scan for multiple listening ports on a single target host.

This project basically about how to scan the local database of services of any remote system connected to the Server with the help of IP/TCP Address of the system connected to that server. The scanner also includes a module for testing connections (the Connect page) and allows the handling of the local database of services (the Services page). After a hacker runs a port scanner on your system they know what services you have accepting connections. With this information they can begin attempting to exploit those services to obtain unauthorized access to your system. PORT SCANNER

1.2 Objective of the Project

There are hundreds of ports and service in which some of them are in common use. An intruder who sets up a backdoor may use an assigned port for an unregistered service and even he can inject a virus or Trojan horse into our system. A port scanner is a software application designed to probe a network host for open ports. This is often used by administrators to verify security policies of their networks and by hackers to identify running services on a host with the view to compromising it.

The main objective of this project is to scan the various ports within a specified range. With help of this administrator can easily identify the open ports and warn the clients.

1.3 Scope of the Project

This project aims at the creation of a comprehensive application, which can be used at corporate environments.The application should be as simple as possible so that it can be configured even by a non-technical person

1.4 Problem Statement

The only way to track open ports is by using a port scanner, and the most accurate port scanner will be an online port scan. Scanning your ports using software like nmap will work fine, but it will not test your firewall's ability to block port activity. You need a port scanner that is not inside your network to verify accuracy. Our free PORT SCANNER

online port scanner will help you do just that, but before we can scan your ports, we'll need you to verify that you are authorized to initiate the security scan.

1.5 Existing System

Scanning entered the world along with the phone systems. Here we have this tremendous global telecommunications network, all reachable through codes on our telephone. Millions of numbers are reachable locally, yet we may only be interested in 0.5% of these numbers, perhaps those that answer with a carrier.

The logical solution to finding those numbers that interest us is to try them all. Thus the field of "war dialing" arose. . The basic idea is simple. If you dial a number and your modem gives you a CONNECT, you record it. Otherwise the computer hangs up and tirelessly dials the next one.

While war dialling is still useful, we are now finding that many of the computers we wish to communicate with are connected through networks such as the Internet rather than analog phone dialups. PORT SCANNER

1.6 Proposed System

Many Internet service providers deny their customers the ability to perform port scans outside of their home networks. This is usually covered in the Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy to which the customer must have already agreed. Other public and private networks may also place such limitations upon their users. Security and stability concerns associated with the program responsible for delivering the service. The application creates threads which attempt to connect to the supplied ip address and using the range of port numbers supplied. In this approach the effects of connection timeouts is minimized and the application can process a range of port.

Over time, a number of techniques have been developed for surveying the protocols and ports on which a target machine is listening. We send a blizzard of packets for various protocols, and we deduce which services are listening from the responses we receive (or don't receive). The application creates threads which attempt to connect to the supplied ip address and using the range of port numbers supplied. In this approach the effects of connection timeouts is minimized and the application can process a range of port. PORT SCANNER

1.7 Feasibility Study

All projects are feasible given unlimited resources and infinite time. It is both necessary and prudent to evaluate the feasibility of the project at the earliest possible time. Feasibility and risk analysis is related in many ways. If project risk is great, the feasibility listed below is equally important.

The following feasibility technique has been used in this project:

  1.  Operational Feasibility
  2. Technical Feasibility
  3. Economic Feasibility

1.7.1 Operational Feasibility

Proposed system is beneficial since it turned into information system analyzing the traffic that will meet the organizations operating requirements.

IN security, the file is transferred to the destination and the acknowledgement is given to the server. Bulk of data transfer is sent without traffic.

1.7.2 Technical Feasibility

Technical feasibility centers on the existing computer system (hardware, software, etc...) and to what extent it can support the proposed addition. For example, if the current computer is operating at 80% capacity. This involves, additional hardware (RAM and PROCESSOR) will increase the speed of the process. PORT SCANNER

In software, open Source language that is JAVA and is used. We can also use in Linux operating system.

The technical requirement for this project are Java tool kit and Swing component as software and normal hardware configuration is enough , so the system is more feasible on this criteria.

1.7.3 Economic Feasibility

Economic feasibility is the most frequently used method for evaluating the effectiveness of a candidate system. More commonly known as cost / benefit analysis, the procedure is to determine the benefits and saving that are expected from a candidate and compare them with the costs. If the benefits outweigh cost. Then the decision is made to design and implement the system. Otherwise drop the system. This system has been implemented such that it can be used to analysis the traffic. So it does not require any extra equipment or hardware to implement. So it is economically feasible to use. PORT SCANNER

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