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The complexity and anonymity of computer systems does not only aid crime in the society but also it’s a combating measure to crime and aids crime prevention and assist investigation when positively utilized. Crime is today a salient fact, an integral part of the risk we face in everyday life. Crime is associated with harm and violence. A crime diary is an automated or manual periodic record or reports of crime. An automated crime diary is a similitude of a digital diary online diary and blog. This research work, Design and implementation of police crime diary is a web-based system, designed using visual studio 2008 (ASP.NET) as front end and MS SQL Management studio 2005 as its back end (data drum). This system fully automate the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) police crime diary with additional and a beneficial features.


A system, with numerous definitions can be literally seen in a computer way as a collection of the hardware and software components of a computer.

According to Stella C. Chiemeke and Franca A. Egbokdara (2006), a system is set of components that interact to achieve a common goal. In another sense, a system is a group of interrelated or interacting elements forming a unified whole.

In this modern age, computers have verified the cause of their existence. The advent of computers in our society caused a lot of criticism on the danger it poses on the society. Critics of computer and new techniques express their fear on how computers will displace and replace all human skills thus resulting to mass unemployment. The presence of computer on virtually every field of today’s fast life has proved the critic wrong as the invention of computers and new technologies continues to create additional jobs for those who identify themselves with computers and new technologies. This make computes partner to human beings in any fields of human endeavor.

According to Uzoka in Hampo, J.A. (2011), “Decisions are largely based on principles and experience. In recent times, efforts are being made to build intelligence into computer system, whereby the computer can be used to process large volume of structured and unstructured information for decision making.”


Technology and computer system has allowed us to track and report (analyze) every details of our live and environment. Technology has numerously helped in combating crime via divert measures. This is true only when technology and computer systems are positively used in our society. Moreover, the presence of increased computing technology and well-nurtured mind in the technological aspect of today’s world has automated almost every aspect of life.

According to Wikipedia, ”A discrete entries arranged by date, reporting on what has happen,(not what will happen) over the course of a day or a given period, is a diary” diary originally is in hand written formal. Diaries are for diverse type raging from personal diary, crime diary, economic diary and church diary as the case may be. A diarist is someone with the authority and responsibility of safekeeping a diary, or simply put, “a diarist is someone who keeps a diary” according to Wikipedia. Diary played a major role in human civilization as they are means of record-keeping and documentation.

Marrian-webster in Wikipedia, Says,” the word diary comes from the Latin word, diarium which means ‘daily allowance’. Below are examples of diaries.

Personal diary – this include a person’s experience and thoughts or feeling. Comments on outsides events outside the person’s direct experience are inductive most times.
War diary – A regularly updated official record of a military unit’s administration and activities diary wartimes.
Economic diary: periodic record of economic activities
Crime diary: a periodic report of crime in a particular geographical area or organization.
Automating the various form / types of diary has change the meaning of the term “diary” all together as they have more function then just recording or storing data. The continuous availability of Internet Services, technological and electronic gadgets has made many people to adopt to digitalize diary as a medium to chronicled events and life.” the term usual for a person who keeps a diary or journal via electronic means, and in particular, publishes their entries on the world wide web is ESCRIBITIONST. (Source: http:// – diary; accessed on: 11th November, 2012)

The Nigeria police force NPF is designated by section 194 of the 1979 construction as the national police of Nigeria with executive jurisdiction throughout the country. However, the constitutional provision also exist for the establishment of separate NPF is under the general operational and administrative control of an inspector general of police (IGP) appointed by the present and responsible for the maintenance of law and order police law maintaining implementing agents. Thus, policing is to maintain and implement enacted and constitutional law. They are also security man meanwhile, in Nigeria we have different police namely NPF, air police, and military police.

When informal relationship and sanctions prove insufficient to establish and maintain a designed order, a government or a state may impose more formalized or stricter system of social control. With institutional and legal machinery at their disposal, agent of the state can compel the populace to conform to the code and can opt to punish or those who do not conform. Crime is the breaking of rules or laws for which some governing authority can ultimately prescribe a conviction. According to Wikipedia, the word crime is dived from the Latin root ‘cerno’, meaning I decide I give Judgment: crime ranges from political to religious to economical and many others types or forms.


To design a system that is a website that automates the manual crime diary of Nigeria Police force. The system is designed using of visual studio 2008, as its front-end design and data drum was designed using Microsoft SQL server management studios 2005. This proposed website is an online diary that will:
Help in the privacy of crime suspects, as they will not be pervaded and only the authorized officer’s and the reporter will know the superseded criminal.
Totally reduce paper work and
Promote record keeping via digital means.
To explain the terms diary, Crimes and Online diary

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