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1.1          Background of the Study

An academic growth can be of various concerns in academic environment to promote social and functioning educational system. For an effective educational system to take place there are some issues in academic environment that should be properly addressed, take for instance the issue of complaint management system in the university. This issue had created a lot of problems for an academic growth in the various aspects of the educational system. To support this approach, this project identifies a range of options that can be used to manage and resolve Academic complaints. This includes, where the opportunity presents itself, the need for administrator to make every effort to resolve potential or actual academic complaints as informally as possible in the first instance.

Marchington and Wilkinson (2005) defined the method of handling complaint as a product of labour relations environment in the 60s and 70s when there was a more explicit struggle for control in the workplace. This had two main effects. Firstly, it created the requirement for clear techniques so that all specialists knew and decides what oversee implicit rules, and moves that may be made against them if these guidelines were charged. Besides, it prompted more prominent clarity and consistency of executive activities to the determination of the protests. A complaint management


system is to maintain an effective, timely, and equitable complaint handling system which is easily

accessible and offered to students at no charge. This project defines the policy and steps for handling and resolving complaints and also to appeal for an un-favoured situation and for this process to take place there must be an automation of the system that will handle the complaints process and method of registration. Automation can be defined as the aspects involved in using a computer system for the tasks or process such as circulation, implementation etc. In relation to the above preposition by Marcus, it is possible for an online complaint management system to yield substantial benefits for the users (Marcus, 2000).

1.2 Statement of the Problem

A complaint management system is a web base application that will solve the problem facing students in the university environment. The basic problems facing complaint management are:

i.        Lack of feedback of complaints to the students which made the previous system less useful.

ii.        Lack of legitimate precise, concise data about the student’s complaints and management actions to resolve them

iii.       Poor performance of the manual system may lead to the missing of complaint by the staff or any member of the management, this is a circumstance where there is no avenue made for survey of the complaint. This obstructs satisfactory upkeep of the system.

iv.       There is no system or database set up to screen transfer of complaint submitted on paper or as verbal representation.

1.3             Aim and Objectives of the Study

The aim of this project is to design and implement a complaint management system. To achieve

this we shall be guided by the following specific objectives:

i.         To evaluate the existing paper-based information of complaint management system;

ii.         To design web based complaint registration and appeal management system;

iii.       To create a live chat which would to enhance immediate response of certain issues concerning a student; and

iv.     To implement a new system called complaint management system for student Affair Division of Presbyterian University college, Ghana, with the use of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap CSS and MySQL.

1.4      Significant of Study

The significance of this study is to serve better than the existing system which is highly manual and therefore difficult in terms of managing the complaint in the University, improve the database and enhance effectiveness, efficiency and security of the system. It is also intended that the study will help in the development of a new and standard computer aided system.

The new system will save time, reduce improper handling of complaint system and also improve relationship between student, lecturer and management.

The system is expected to be easy as student can login their complaint anytime, staff and management also can equally respond to the student’s complaint in a more easier way.

1.5 Scope of the Study

This study covers only the procedure for managing complaints in the Student Affair Division of Presbyterian University college, Ghana.

The system is designed to be web-based. To help a student login his or her complaint and request for help from the management concerning student’s complaints.

1.6 Limitation of study

Due to the scope of this project work as mention above, this project work is limited to Complaint Management System. This application cannot process the penalties for anybody found being grieved or the punishment for any staff or student found being at fault of any complaints. Other limitations are following:

i. The application was developed to send notification to only the recipient email address andnot mobile phone; and

ii. The system cannot work with other web applications. This means that the system is not a web serviceoriented system.

1.7 Synopsis:


The project entitled COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FOR is developed as part of the semester project for the partial fulfilment of the BSc. (Information Communication Technology) Degree.


A COMPLAINT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a software application which is also a web based application that will be solve the problem facing student’s complaints, gathering all the complaints and also sending the complaints to the management for immediate action and lastly giving feedback to the students about their complaints in the university environment.


The main objectives of the application are to automate the existing system of manually maintaining the records of the complaints from the students, design a web based complaint management and appeal management system and lastly, to give feedback to the students that made the complaints.

1.8 Methodology

The part of the system analysis and design stage concentrated around the configuration of design method utilized. Hence, we'll consider the different outline routines developed. A configuration is the first speculation into the development phase for any product or system designed. A decent outline or steps is intending to promote the system. The look "outline" is characterized as "the part of science that deals with the concept of computation and method of processing data in digital

computers, the design of computer hardware and software, and the use of the computer programming outline sits at the industrial personification of the product building procedure and

is connected paying a little amount to the advancement standard that is utilized in various programming language like PHP,HTML, MYSQL, JAVA etc. flowchart and use case diagram was utilized which is fundamentally the breaking down of a system into its compositional sub-system and breaking the issue into parts, that authorized more than one individual to deal with the arrangement or solution to the system.

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