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1.0 Introduction
Scheduling is a representation of the time necessary carry out a task and should take account of the technical requirement of the task, marketing forecast and available capacity.
Scheduling is a program of work to be done or a planned event in a faculty production scheduling.
 A PRODUCTION SCHEDULER: A product scheduler shows the technique through which set of production tasks in a factory can be assigned to machines or personal that will be responsible to a carryout such as tasks, using principle of assignment. There must be an equal number of tasks to the machine or personal available to carry out.
  A product scheduling shows plan for the Manufacturing or a production of a particular products. This plan must be perfectly carried out to minimize the cost of production of the products in the factory. Thus, task time, number of proceeds and the number of available resources are input for considering using assignment technique.                 
ASSIGNMENT TECHNIQUES: This is used to allocate job to machine in computing. The cost of a production job. Therefore, the computerization of production scheduler, using assignment techniques would like to device a minimum cost assignment of a job to a production.

1.1 Historical Background Of The Case Study
Okin biscuit limited, Offa was incorporated in December 1998 by chief E.O Adesoye after his visit to Indian and tries of Mr. Kiswadala, Mr. P.E Keshavan and Mr. Vigay were given the task to monitor the project, as a result of this the structuring and construction of the factory started immediately and at the same time the shipment and installation of the machinery into the factory was between December   1978 and June 1980. Immediately after the completion of the factory structure and the machine installation Mr. Keshwadala was made the general manager company while Mr. P.K Jesharan was appointed the maintenance Engineer of the company, However, the first production of Biscuit started on 2nd of June 1980 with the coaster brand. This brand was still in market when another brand called short cake came out in 1984.
SHORT CAKE: This short cake product affected the sales of the coaster brands at the initial stage due to its sweetness but later in the years, there was equilibrium in their sales and it has made it possible to found in biscuit within outside Nigeria.
However, the company initially started with the following department are: Production Engineering, Accounts and administrative department, but with expansion of its production capacity, the marketing and security Department, was introduced to facilitate the prompt sales and marketing of their products and security of the products by monitoring the works for not stealing biscuit. The company in 1996 introduced another fine products called CABIN, while is still in market but nevertheless, the company has produced some biscuits, which has been out of production such as GEM biscuits.

1.2 Organizational Structure of the Case Study
Okin biscuit limited is structured and organized into various departments namely: production, accounts, engineering, marketing, security and administrative department in which each department is headed by a manager and each section is headed by sectional leader.
However, the General Manager overseas all activities in the company in which some responsibilities are assigned to the various head of department.
The production manager heads production department. This department into five section viz: mixing, cutting oven, packing and store section.   
These section are headed by three supervisors who are rotated on the three working shift.
•  MIXING SECTION: This section is assigned the responsibility of mixing the various ingredients that are required for the baking of the biscuit.
•  CUTTING SECTION: This section is where the mixed biscuits ingredients are cut into shape before it will get into the baking oven.
•   OVEN SECTION: In this section the cut biscuit is baked with an aid of canvass belt, which will carry out the cut biscuit along the oven down to the parking section
•   PACKING SECTION: This section is responsible for packing, selection and supplying biscuits to the machine that will help in sealing the biscuits into the catto phones and at the same time the total sealing of the carton is done here.  
•  STORE SECTION: This section is assigned with responsibility of keeping both the raw materials for the production and finished products.
The assumption made is that each stage has three different machines which can handle the intended work effectively but the vary capabilities. This research work centre on how these machines can be combined together in order to achieve our  aim of profit maximizing and cost minimization. This project work will dare not extorting its tentative beyond the specified of biscuits production.

1.3 Significance of the Study
This project work is mainly design for a schedule as:
•  The representative which should be as  flexible as possible to enable the representation of schedules of different application with different resources and jobs.    
•  Support of scheduling tasks initiated either by a user or durative improvement.
• Scheduling tasks an immediately feedback and to fasten the optimization algorithm
•  A schedule while should be an object that can be copied efficiently
ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT: The accounting is headed by chief accountant who is responsible to the General manager for any financial matter. This department is responsible for taking care of the financial aspect of the company.It is also pivot to all other department  concerning money or any other financial report of the organization. They serve as  put where customer pay biscuit bought in the factory. The cashier manager who is responsible for coordinating the payment of staff salaries supervisors the salary aspect of the company. The department also works in collaboration with store section in payment for raw materials brought into the company.
ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT: The engineering department is the department that is responsible for the daily maintenance of the machinery that are used in the production of the biscuit
Engineering department is divided into two sections namely; electrical and mechanical engineering department. The chief engineers are appointed in which one is responsible for monitoring electrical cases of the machinery and the others.

1.4 Aims and Objectives of the Project
•  The purposes of this  research work is to decides the variable that goes into the decision making process in job scheduling of goods and services.             
• The project work is also aimed at looking into problems associated with job scheduling and a suitable solution using computer design automation.
• The project works will also investigate analyze current manual possess of production scheduling at Okin biscuit Nigeria limited and to introduce computer into this process, using assignment, introduce computer into the process, using assignment techniques .       
• The overall objectives of this project work are to eliminate  inappropriate projection scheduling process of the organization under study and there would be a proper minimization of production period and thus maximization of profit.

1.5 Statement of the Project
The problem of this study is to evaluate the manual means of scheduling the job, then develop a means to tackled these difficulties by using computer system.

1.5.1 Research Question
The research work is embarked with questions as:
•  Does this production scheduling described  as a problem of satisfying temporal constraints
• Would the new proposal system serve as a guide to several objectives functions
• What will be the relation that mapped on a satisfaction degree, which evaluates how good this constraints, is satisfied in the actual schedule?
• Does the scheduling system optimally determine when and on  what machine steps are  to be possessed or handled?

1.6 Scope of the Project         
This project work covered three stages out of four stages involve in the production of biscuits, the three stages; mixing, cutting and baking stages.
The assumption made is that each stage has three different machines which can handle the intended work effectively but with vary capabilities. This research work centers on how these machines can be combined together in order to achieve our aim of profit maximizing and cost minimization this project work will dare not escorting its tentative beyond the specified of biscuit production.

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