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Challenges Nigeria organizations are facing which include embezzlement, fraud, misappropriation and mismanagement can be checkmated if there is a proper and secure documentation of all documents. Hence this work focuses on the design and Implementation of a Cloud-Based Document Management System with special emphasis on security and space management. By cloud-based we mean having an online storage rather than leaving the documents in our local computer memory. Waterfall design model and three-tier architecture was used in the design of this work. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery were used for the codes at the Client side, PHP was used at the Server-side scripting and MySQL was used at the Data Server side in the work. PHP AES encryption algorithm was used in encryption and decryption of all allowed document types in the system while Zzlib library was used for the compression module in the work. A two weeks user evaluation of the system showed interesting usage scenarios and future trends for improving user interaction. The work made it easier for organizations to find document, securely store document, share document without stress. Considering the immense benefit this work holds, it is important for all organizations to key into this work as a means of securely documenting its documents.



1.1 Background to the Study

For many years, records management and the physical filing and retrieval of information were what companies did until the 80’s when word processing sprung into life. Suddenly, documents were appearing in hardcopy and on computer. Over the next decade, document and document image management tried to find a footing in corporate and government offices but even though they worked to a degree, they were complex, extremely expensive, hard to manage and require a lot of effort for the users to index documents (Knowledgeone, 2005). In common language the word document usually means an information carrier containing written or drawn information for a particular purpose. Central to the idea of a document is usually that it can be easily transferred, stored and handled as a unit (Bjork, 2002). Organizing large volumes of physical records are difficult and there are instances where it is difficult to extract a record/document from the large volume of them, it is almost certain that management of document is prone to human error (Akashah, Syamsul, Jusoff & Christon, 2011).

Nowadays, storage systems are increasingly subject to attacks. So, the security system is quickly becoming mandatory feature of the data storage systems. For the security purpose we are always dependent on the cryptography techniques (Kahanwal, Dua & Singh, 2012).

Encryption is the most effective way of computer science concerned with developing schemes and formula to achieve data and information security through the use of codes (Das, Lanjewar & Sharma, 2013). Today the privacy is the main issue to sending information from one point to another in data transmission. Encryption is the procedure that allows messages or information to be encoded in such a way that it is extremely difficult to read or understand where decryption is the procedure to transforming encoded text into the original message and information (Das et al., 2013). Why encryption? It is obvious there are developments in the field of information technology likewise have malware (a software that gives partial or full control of your computer to do whatever the malware creator wants) and Sniffer (a program or a piece of hardware that can intercept and log traffic passing over a digital network or part of a network) technology improved giving rise to unauthorized access and control of information, records and data. Security is a critical issue any organization can’t joke about.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

In an interview organized by Chinua Achebe Foundation: the Buhari/Idiagbon administration reported that Nigeria had already paid 27 billion of its external debt; why did Nigeria pay another 12 billion without the approval of the legislature (Umunnah, 2012). It is evident that improper documentation of files (records and documents) is the basis of unaccountability, embezzlement and fraud in any organization.

The continuing existence of paper documents, and their use alongside electronic documents, raises some key set of problems as they have paved ways for corruption, misappropriation, mismanagement, embezzlements and fraud as document concerning how money are being spent, how project are being carried out and how expenses used on project are either not properly stored or are easily tampered with without any trace of whom or when such change on such document were made. Therefore, a cloud-based system is needed to end the dreadful life span of the virus called mismanagement, fraud and embezzlement that has sucked in deep into all our organizations.

1.3 Research Motivation

PUNCH Metro newspaper showed that many youths had developed into syndicates, using court premises as centers for issuing fake driver’s licenses, number plate, Certificates of Occupancy, survey plans and Tax Identification Numbers, among others. It was learnt that these documents could be used to secure bail term, get loans from banks and to process documents for visas at embassies. Investigations also showed that it takes electronic verifications to discover that these documents were cloned (Hanafi, 2015).

There are few document management systems available but this project has its own unique features which are online document storage, ordering document retrieval, sorting of document, secure document processing (encryption and decryption) and document space management (compression, decompression and archiving) features which are not presently available in the existing EDMS. This work will expose PHP compression and encryption capacity in EDMS as this is needed in organizations to secure and maximize the available space of storage. In essence, the work will enhance document accountability and traceability, documents security, document storage and retrieval and ensure consistent business processes (workflows) for how documents are handled. It should be noted that the EDMS will also allow different stakeholders in the organization to view and access file from their convenience.

1.4 Objectives of the Study

The aim of this work is to design a Cloud-Based Document management system which will curb the above stated problem by storing documents in an online storage server (Cloud) while the specific objectives are to:

        i.            Design a computerized system which limits the use of pen and paper in document development to prevent easy damage of documents

     ii.            design a robust database to facilitate the document insertion and retrieval

   iii.            study existing works on Document Management System, encryption, decryption and compression algorithm.

   iv.            design an Improved cloud-based document management system using the PHP version of AES encryption and decryption algorithm code and adding a compression module using PHP ZIP compression function.

1.5 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this work is to bridge the gap between documentation and the security, integrity and tampering issues. This work also saves space, money and time in the processing of documents compared to the current traditional paper documentation which requires large storage space and requires labour.

1.6 Scope of the Study

For this work, Oyo State Housing Corporation was used as a case study as a large number of documents needed proper documentation and secure safe for a long period of time.

1.7 Significance of the Study

This project software gives you all the features you need to effectively manage your documents and that of your clients. It saves time, energy and expense on documentation to vastly improve the overall productivity of the organization and include multiple levels of security and version control to allow access to sensitive documents only with the proper permissions.

1.8 Limitations of the Study

Most constraint experienced during the course of writing this project is during the actual software development. Implementing cloud-based storage is difficult.

Secondly, finance was not at my side. Online storage spaces are a little costly, so I implemented my project using local storage with local server (XAMPP).

Due to the limitations above, program developed covers some aspect of login in; upload and download, delete/update documents. Whatever is left out is as a result of the stated limitations.

1.9 Organization of the Work

·        Chapter one introduces the research work; it presents the historical background of the study, the aim and objectives of the work.

·        Chapter two shows a review of the literature about EDMS, advantages of using an EDMS, followed by discussion of research that focused on identifying problems and challenges in implementing an EDMS likewise researching into literature of cryptography, its classification, encryption, decryption and compression, while it also introduces the waterfall model, it advantages, disadvantages and the modified waterfall model.

·        Chapter three describes the methodology applied, tools used, design consideration and design architecture.

·        Chapter four shows how the work is being implemented. It highlighted the System Hardware Requirement, System Software Requirement and the procedure used in implementing the work while algorithms use and sample snapshots were also presented and its evaluation and discussion were also made.

·        Chapter five gives a summary, conclusion and recommendation based on the results and findings of the work. Suggestion was also made for future research

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