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1.1 Background of the Study

In most of our institutions of higher learning it has become a common practice for the lecturers to be physically present in the classroom in order to deliver lectures to students. This norm is part of the reasons for the inefficiencies and backwardness being recorded in our educational sector as both the lecturers and students are restrained to specific time and space. Learning through this conventional means is no longer in vogue since the emergence of information and communication technology. Also the students are known to be more engaged in a learning process when they are in control over the process according to their needs, lacks or wants. Though literatures reviewed that a lot of work has been done on the computer aided learning, but while the previous works centred on just the use of computer in learning. This work brings into consideration some individual differences such as personal attitude towards learning.

The research work is concerned with the development of  an efficient, reliable and accurate computer assisting learning system on introduction to computer hardware components to junior secondary school students.

The term computer Assisted learning (CAL) covers a range of computer based packages, which aim to provide interactive instruction usually in a specific subject area and many predate the internet. The research work is concerned with the development of an efficient, reliable and accurate computer assisting learning system on introduction to hardware components to junior secondary school students. This is made possible by the use of computer through efficient and accurate programming activity, which is just a mental process of problem analysis and program design in most developing countries presently. It is globally known that some students often have problem in understanding the various hardware components.

A lot of problems are associated with the traditional way of teaching computer because it uses manual approach to impact knowledge to students which makes it time ineffective, time wasting and high level of energy dissipation. In this new system I intend to reduce the problem student encounter during classroom learning by interactive tutor, which gives the student the feeling of being aided by a teacher to make learning easier, friendly and less stressful for students.

1.2 Motivation

As the entire global launcher is fast into an age of information technology the need to keep this trend cannot be over emphasized. Therefore, this research work tends to critically take a survey of the traditional class mode of learning/teaching in particular secondary and tertiary institution which is plagued with specific problems and to provide the technological teaching/learning approach through a computer based system to complement the existing method and eliminate the problem raised as a result of  adopting such method. Some of the problems arising from the use of the traditional class mode of teaching and learning are as follows;

1.              The loss of learning /teaching aid in traditional class mode of teaching, there is always a lot of items/aids used in passing instructions to students for more clarity and understanding, this usually comes in either paper, wooden and casted forms. The items may sometimes get lost in the process of usage by the students or sometimes destroyed by rain or other weather conditions.

2.    The boredom experience by the students and the teachers due to  the monotonous single way of learning and teaching daily.

3.    Regular absenteeism from the class of the students.

4.    Laziness displayed by some teacher due to use of chalk and blackboard.

5.    Lack of enthusiasm on part of the student learning experience.

1.3    Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the work is to develop a system that can teach Junior Secondary school Students Computer Hardware Components. While the specific objectives are:

      i.          To deliver lectures on basic computer hardware components contained in J.S.S Curriculum.

    ii.          To evaluate students based on lecture received. 

1.4    Scope of the Project

This research work covers the study of computer hardware components as contained in Government Girls Junior Secondary School Katsina Metropolis.

1.5  Definition of Terms

i.                Computer:  Is an electronic device that accepts processes, stores and output data at high speeds according to programmed instruction.

ii.              Tutorial:  A chapter of book or manual, or a section of a computer program, designed to provide instrument or training using exercise and assignment.

iii.            Software:   Programs and applications that can be run on a computer system, e.g word processing package or database packages.

iv.            Website:  An addressing identifying the location of the file on the internet, consisting of the protocol, the computer on which the file is  located, and the file’s location on that computer.

v.              Internet:   A network that links computer networks all over the world by satellite and telephone, connecting users with service such as e-mail and the world wide web.

vi.            Computer-aided Instruction (“assisted” or CAI)  Is Defined as the use of Computers and software application to teach Concepts or Skills.

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