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                       CHAPTER 1

1.0        Introduction

A loan is an amount of money given to an individual or institution on the condition that it will be paid back over a given period with interest, which serves as payment for the use of money. There are various types of loans such as credits, finance, and mortgages. Sources of loans range from banks, credit unions, pawnbrokers, and savings institutions to trust companies. The manual process of obtaining and granting loans is stressful, inconvenient and time wasting for the lender and the borrower as well. A lender having geographically dispersed branch offices requires more effective and efficient means to standardize and control the loan procedure and processes. The business objective of providing efficient loan process using technology as an enabler in order to give the company a competitive advantage within the industry suggests automation (Bank System and Technology, 2013). There is the need to automate the loan processing procedure as much as possible. A loan automation system is one that enables processing of loans from application to final confirmation without the physical presence of both the applicant and the lending institution (Christeson, 2009; WAUSAU, 2010). Although a number of lenders have a certain kind of technology infused into their loan processing system, there are noticeable insufficiencies. Finding a veritable guide to the design and creation of a loan automation system is also elusive.

1.1        Background

The organizational set up of CDL encompasses its Headquarters at Balintuma Road, State Units in all the 28 State capitals and 7 Union Territory Headquarters and District centers in almost all the Districts of India. The Organization employs a large pool of efficient technical manpower.

At the NIC Headquarters, a large number of Application Divisions exist which provide total Informatics Support to the Ministries and Departments of the Central Government. NIC computer cells are located in almost all the Ministry Bhawans of the Central Government and Apex Offices including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Parliament House.


1.2        Problem Statement

Money leading institution are a fast growing financial institution, Correspondingly, its lending capacity is increasing in figures and scope, Currently its software application is very slow and not user friendly, The main problems that this project seeks to address are; The problem of time wastage, The problem of unnecessary delays in performing loan transaction, The problem of lack of decision and precision that is lack of particular approach to loan assessment which could lead an existence of a standard which is very bad for the business.

1.3        Main Objective

The main purpose of this project is to develop a web based system that give all details about the Loans, Grants and Investments information to both users of the system. In this project two types of users are provided with authentication. This project will also maintain the Data Security and Integrity through the software.

1.4        Specific Objectives

To determine requirements from the gathered data through data gathering techniques like questionnaires and interviews.

To implement and deliver a completely working and functional system on an android based environment.

To test and validate the functionality of the system through unit, system and integration testing

1.5        Scope (where applicable)

1.5.1      Geographical scope

The study was conducted in Kampala capital city because it is the most populated and urbanized district in Uganda and with many investors which has all the key stakeholders. situated at Deja University Balintuma Rd, Kampala Uganda where was the case study for the project.

1.5.2      System scope

The project was limited to the development of a web system aimed at providing basic loan Information services to clients.

1.6        Significance

One of the major reasons for embarking on this project is to facilitate the ease of transfer of loan through XML web service, HTTP protocol and SMTP gateway for adequate loan management and monitoring. The technology mentioned above is employed due to the simplicity in their application and implementation and a very stable security feature.

 Data processing is very fast due to the protocols implemented by them.

 The delivery is guaranty due to enterprise nature of the application, being an online system makes it accessible anytime and anywhere, while using a text based protocol (XML) make data smooth and platform independent such that can be consumed by any solution that support the protocol, also ease the installation and development procedure.

SMTP is a great asset in the whole enterprise because it enables access to SMS gateway with ease and cost effective.

1.7        Research Justification.

 loan system has the potential to be adapted and used by the healthcare professionals and consumers, helping to revolutionize the sector and reflect the digital age we live in. (Nirmala Ganiger). This research therefore stood to serve the existing need for an upgrade in the existing gap in Hospital Information Systems.

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