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It is general belief that computer, a multipurpose machine can perform any function without exception. The achievement of its task is based on how the system has been programmed to accomplish the task. Graphs charts are pictorial ways or methods of presenting data; it is not convenient to represent manually. For us to get the best in data presentation and also to draw the meaningful conclusion from data, we need to present it in a graphical or pictorial from. The programming language to be used to implement this project is visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft access as its database, which serve as the back engine of the database, the programming language is use because it is object oriented and user’s friendly.



Data must be tabulated or presented in tables before being use for analysis professor Bonly refers to tabulation as “the intermediate process between the accumulation of data in whatever from they are obtained and the final reasoned account of the result shown by the statistics” it is quite obvious and worth to note that the tables are dependent of the information to be presented and the purpose of which they are prepared.

          Manually graph and charts are created with the use of rule, graph papers, and protractors e.t.c. the accuracy of the information obtained from the result of reading the corresponding value from the graph and charts manually created are comparatively low computer to when obtain from or by the use of an automated graph and chart wizard.

          Computer being an electronic device that accepts data as input, process it and bring out result of the processed data as an output or information, its use, need and relevance in the implementation of an automation graph and chat wizard cannot be disputed in statistical and data analysis in particular.


The main problem encountered in the existing system is that alteration of the point generated due to the supplied data is not possible in the graph directly and at the same time, the effect of the alteration does not reflect in the data input table created simultaneously. That is to say that any change to be made on the graph must be done by changing the data supplied on the data table.


There are numerous purpose and objectives that can be derived from this study.

but for the purpose of this project work and research the main purpose and objective include the following.

1.   To research into the graph and chart.

2.   To design a reliable automation method of creating various graph and charts.

3.   To analyze the manual method of creating graph charts.

4.   To develop and implement a computer software application for dynamic generation of graph and charts as output to the satisfaction of the users. The computer software application is tagged “Automated graph and chart wizard


This project has a wide range of significance to the staticians and other

researchers that intend to analyze their data pictorially.


This project work is limited to the generation of line graph bar charts, pie charts

and curves.


Limitations has to do with constraints, problems that were encountered in carrying out there research work. There limitation include:

1.   TIME CONSTRAINT: - Taking into consideration all other academic activities, the time to work on the project and carrying out these research was hindered inadequate.

2.   FINANCE: - The limit availability of the supply and source of found to the research affects the project to some extent or even extensively.

3.   POOR RESPONSE: - The staticians were not favorably disposed to giving information and details required from them to carryout a thorough research work on the project.


GRAPH: - graph is a drawing that uses a line or lines to show how two or more set of measurements are related to each other.

BAR CHART: There rectangular bars of equal widths but heights proportional to the magnitude of their corresponding constituent of the total to be displayed.

AUTOMATED: - this has to do with using machine to do job or industrial process.

COMPUTER: An electronic device that accept data as input, process the given data and produce the output of there processed data as information.

LINE GRAPH: - A line graph is a chart, which displays how the different components of a set of data vary with time.

SPREAD SHEET: - A program that allows the user to create a large, two dimensional table on the computer screen, and to manipulate the data in the table in many ways.

DATA: -A representation of facts, concept, or instruction in a formalize manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing by humans or by automation means.

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