THE CHANGING ROLES OF THE SECRETARY IN THE ICT ERA PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS (A Case Study of First Bank, Oceanic Bank and Intercontinental Bank Plc, Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State)

THE CHANGING ROLES OF THE SECRETARY IN THE ICT ERA PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS (A Case Study of First Bank, Oceanic Bank and Intercontinental Bank Plc, Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State)

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On the early days the secretarial profession was limited to typing, writing and transcribing of shorthand only.  But today, it is far beyond this, it involved functions as sorting and retrieving of information passing on information and so on with the help of manual electronic equipment.  A secretary assistance to an executive, possessing mastery of office skills and ability to assume responsibilities without direct supervision who display initiative, exercises judgment and makes decision within the scope of his/her authority.  The secretary also handles more office jobs, makes and takes decision on behalf of his/her organization.  But because of the aforementioned about information communication technology, there are controversies about the future of the secretary in information communication technology.

The term information communication technology was first widely employed in 1981 to describe the equipment and system, which were being introduced in both private and public sectors, to create, store and distribute information since, then, the term has abbreviated to (I.C.T.).

The key feature of modern technology is its ability to deal with information in one form or the other.  Trend has been towards using ways of interconnecting the various types of equipments so as to integrate their functions and manage them effectively.  Underpinning the definition of “ICT” lies on the modern which provides a helpful explanation of the way in which computers process information.

Information communication technology as the broadly based technology needed to support information systems, which many people today refers to as computer equipment, which aids to increase profit margin and enhance planning, and organization by the use of very fast, accurate and flexible devices in the business society.  Efficiency in offices many people believe, is a vital factor in the well being of an organization as it can affect productivity.


The objective is to assess information communication and examine the problems faced to the modern secretary and the prospects the secretary is expected to meet with.  The specific objectives are:

i.                   To examine the changing roles of the secretary in the ICT era.

ii.                 To access the problem and threats of information communication technology to the secretarial profession.

iii.              To highlight the challenges posed by the emerge of ICT to a secretary.


1.       Who is a secretary in the information communication technology era?

2.       What are the positive and negative effect information communication technology has on the roles of a secretary.

3.       What are the problems and the prospects of a secretary in the information communication technology era?

4.       What threats does information communication technology pose to the secretary in an organization in this era?

5.       What effect has information communication technology on the secretarial profession?


This works covers “the changing roles of the secretary in an ICT era and it is restricted to first bank, oceanic bank and intercontinental bank plc.


In the course of carrying out this work, certain factors served as time, enough capital, inadequate text books, and as a result of other academic activities going on.


The significance of the study has risen from the researcher’s realization of the problem facing a secretary in the information communication technology at first bank, oceanic and interconnected bank plc Kaura Namoda branch, Zamfara State the researcher also realized the prospects of a secretary in the information communication technology.  This research work will be valuable assets to government policy makers on privatization and contributing to the successful up-lifting of secretaries in information communication technology.


1.7.1  First Bank of Nigeria Plc

          Sometime in 1891 it become apparent that banking facilities were urgently required in West Africa and especially in Lagos.  Elder Dempster and Co. were approached in 1892, the Bank of British West Africa  was announced but it was a little more than a department of elder Dempster and Co. housed in its offices and managed by its agents.

To reflect the majority shareholding and the fact that it was the “pioneer” bank in the country, First Bank of Nigeria assumed its present name in 1977 under the umbrella of that first bank of Kaura Namoda was brought into existence in the year 1970 to meet the growing need of the people.  The Kaura chapter was established as a result of growing trade and farm product like groundnut, beans and cotton, so as to safeguard the money of traders from robbers and to encourage low income earners to save as civilization increased, the bank began expanding with different kind of services render to customers as modern banking system.

Prior to the establishment of first bank in Kaura Namoda  some of the indigenes who have careless attitude towards banking operation was revived and thus most of them developed some interest in the banking activities.

The bank is currently one of the best in the community and does not intend to rest on past glories and to cope with contemporary and future challenges.  Their activities.

-                     Accepting deposit

-                     Granting of loan

1.7.2  Oceanic Bank International Plc Kaura Namoda

The bank was formerly known as International Trust Bank.  The bank was established here in Kaura Namoda on the 6th of February 2006.  presently, there are 20 staff in the bank.  It is situated at Sahabi Liman House 1004 flats Kaura Namoda.

Oceanic Bank International Plc is one of the branch out of the 134 branches over the country.  Oceanic Bank was incorporated on March 26, 1990 as a private limited liability company with 100% equity ownership by Nigerians citizens and licensed on April 10, 1990 to carry on commercial banking.

Oceanic Bank International Plc is therefore a sixteen years old commercial bank with business offices located in several parts of Nigeria, the bank is one of the largest in Nigeria, her financial year runs from October 1 to September 30 of the subsequent year.

Oceanic banks impressive performance over the years accounts for the quality of its customers port folio which includes corporate organizations, high network individuals, the federal government and some state governments, to enhance response, time relationship management units.  Staff in each sector have profound knowledge of the various industries and are therefore able to respond to customers peculiar needs.

1.7.3  Intercontinental Bank Plc Kaura Namoda

It began operation in Nigeria as a merchant bank in 1989, it has progressed through the Nigeria economy and became a commercial bank in 1999 with the acquisition of other three banks.

Intercontinental became a universal bank in 2000, one of the very version of the bank is to become the number one financial institution in Nigeria and Africa.  In is event to achieve this, expansion is inevitable, hence intercontinental bank Kaura Namoda considering the commercial and academic nature of Kaura Namoda.

It began operation with a total of 25 staffs which comprises of both officer and support staff.  The branch has risen from zero (0) customer to about 2,850 customers, which enjoy various products of the branch today these product ranges from

-                     Saving account

-                     Intercontinental premium saving account (IPSA)

-                     Current account

-                     Salary account

-                     Happy save for children


Secretary     -        Secretary is some one who has a sound general education          and has passed through a prescribed programme of    training in the field of secretarial training with         appropriate skills.

Information -        This is a facts or details about something

Communication    Communication is the process of passing information from one person to another

Technology          This is the use of mechanical art and applied science to get information and disseminated the information.

Word processor    is application package that cvan be used to create, prepare, store and produce or store document such as letters, memo, invitation cards, minutes, formal and informal documents for private or commercial usage.

Prospect               Possibility that something which you have farm will happen soon

Problems              A thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand.

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