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This project research is to examine “The Impact of Modern Communication on the performance of Office Managers”. This becomes essential as every organization seeks to achieve set objectives or goals. This project looks at the impact of modern communication facilities on the performance of Office Managers in Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria. Five research questions were drawn to guide the study based on a sample size of fifty staff, the instrument used is a questionnaire containing fifteen variables which were administered on the fifty respondents which were dully completed and returned for analysis. Findings revealed that the use of modern communication facilities has recorded significant improvement in customer’s services and has greatly improved the performance of Office Managers by reducing their work load. It was recommended that organizations should employ the use of these facilities as they not only increase office manager’s efficiency but also books production which is the main objectives of any organization. Provision should be made for training opportunities for office manager’s on the operation of these modern facilities and Office Managers should endeavour to go for trainings workshops seminars to get additional knowledge on how to use, maintain and update various type of modern facilities   



1.1     Background of the Study

The act of Communication is the most important of all human activities. It is a fact that all human activities are interdependent on one another; socially, economically, culturally and politically. No human being can live in isolation, that is to say human being must pass on to others and also receive information from others in every activities that he/she will engaged in. Communication is one of the most fundamental functions of the office process which is also essential to all forms of business. It is the means of conveying information from one person to another, which can be through Telephone, Posts, Teleprinter, Mobile Phone, Messenger Services, Computer and many other means. Communication is done in order to pass or receive information, ideas and knowledge from one person to another.

During the past few decades there have been developments and improvements in office communication systems. This makes the work of today’s trained Office Managers to be easier, though more complicated.

Little (1976), defines Communication as “the process by which information is passed between individuals and organizations by means of previously agreed symbols such as words, facial grimaces, gestures, postures, pictorial or visual displays etc.

Hoffman (2009), defined communication as a system for sending and receiving messages. It therefore requires a sender and a receiver; but in business seller and buyer, in an organization, an employer employee, a supervisor and a worker. In order words communication cuts across all areas and facets of life.

Kajang and Istifanus (2009) are of the view that communication is the transmission of information which involves the interchanges of facts, thoughts, values, judgments and opinions which can take many forms like face to face conversation, telephone calls, letters and reports. To the researcher, the salient point in this definition is the “interchange” which in essence means the act of sharing or exchanging something.

Keyton (2011) defined communication as the process of transmitting information and common understanding from one person to another. This definition underscores the fact that unless a common understanding results from exchange of information there is no communication. It can be seen from the above definition that the key words in most of the definitions reviewed are the process of ‘training information, ideas, thoughts opinion’, etc thereby creating a “common purpose”, shared understanding and effect a change in behaviour within organizations or personal life. This implies that organizations would tend to gain more by giving attention to simple and clear exchange of these ideas, information, messages and opinions to reduce confusion and friction within organizations to enhance better performance by it workers.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

The Advent of modern communication facilities has spurred up radical changes in Office Management Profession. These changes have been characterized by new methods of doing things, with emphasis on Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

According to Ali and Akinbi (1995), technology is an alteration in the life of an equipment, character, knowledge and method of doing things. The impact of these modern communication facilities has resulted into the acquisition of the needed competencies by Office Managers, to effectively and efficiently operate these facilities in order to be relevant in the world of labour. This is because, prior to this time, the communication facilities obtainable in the office were the Analog Telephones, Manual typewriters, Teleprinters, Duplicating machines, reprographic machines etc. Agbatogu et al (2011) says that technology has been a significant tool in almost all human endeavours.

Therefore it can be said that technology is the systematic application of scientific knowledge in order to achieve practical results. It entails a combination of different approaches to solve a problem. It implies that technology is all about methods and the way people apply them in order to get results. Therefore, we live in a competitive environment where things are changing fast and for the better technologically. Due to the growing complexity of modern day management, the office is also changing.

Today, modern Communication facilities which include computer, internet, mobile phones, fax machine, telegram etc. have replaced the past ones that existed. This had also created another impetus on the Office Manager, as there is an improvement in the way he/she discharge his/her duties. However, the impact of modern communication gadget on the organization goals, have not been properly felt in and by some organizations as they are not still efficient even thought with the presence of modern gadgets. The problems of modern facilities seem to create additional problems for Office Managers. For instance, many may lose their jobs as a result of their inability to flow with the trend of events in the business world by acquiring the knowledge of operating these modern machines.

1.3     Objectives of the Study

The overall purpose of this study is to examine the impact of modern communication facilities on Office Manager’s performance and the profession in general. However, the specific objectives of the study are:

1.       To identify the modern communication gadgets used in Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria.

2.       To find out the impact of modern communication facilities on the achievements of set organizational goals of the Polytechnic.

3.       To assess the impact of modern communication gadgets on the efficiency of the Office Managers in the Polytechnic.

4.       To outline the problems which modern communication facilities pose to the Office Manager’s profession.

1.4     Research Questions

1.       Are modern communication gadgets being used in Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria?

2.       What are the various modern communication gadgets in use in the organization?

3.       What are the impacts of modern communication gadgets on the efficiency of the Office Manager’s?

4.       What are the problems of modern communication facilities on Office Manager’s profession?

1.5     Significance of the Study

It is hoped that if the importance and the roles of Office Managers in the usage of modern communication equipment in communication is identified, Office Managers will benefit from it. This is because by providing modern facilities such as computers, mobile phones, Teleprinters and Printing machines, photocopy machines their skills would be improved. The study will helped the management of Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic Zaria, and other organizations to understand the important role modern communication facilities plays in enhancing the performance of Office Managers. To Scholars, it will add to the field of knowledge of researchers in the area of modern communication facilities and indeed be a useful material for prospective researchers in this and related area of the study. The society generally will also benefit from this study as it will bring about economic development since government will see the need to purchase more of these modern communication gadgets for their organizations.

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