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In a modern organization that emphasizes division of labour, the function of manpower recruitment. According to Tolaurien (199:417), it is the function of the personnel officer to select, train, develop, assimilate and remunerate employees. The personnel manager is expected to help formulate manpower policies and take a detailed study of financial incentives programme. He is responsible for the co-ordination of performance appraisals, administration of discipline and the promotion of formal organization or the use of company notice boards to promotes a labour contracts. The personnel officer also undertakes personnel research to determine the best ways of recruiting and committing employees to achieve organization objectives.

In Nigeria, the function of personnel manager is influenced by the personality of the job holder. He is often a member of the executive team with staff authority. He handles all functions of the organization that do not fit into any other department, he has much influence as the are gets involved virtually in every thing. His importance is highlighted by fact that employer comes in through him and leaves the organization by retirement dismissal, voluntary withdrawal or death.

A good personal manager establishes a very close working relationship with all the departments and units within the organization he does not actually do the selection of employees, he recommends to department heads for final selection after the necessary process has be completed, unless he has functional authority to acts on their behalf.

All management personnel are involved in personnel functions of the organization. The effectiveness of their function depend on the people they have to work with personnel matters are the heart of all organization and no organization successes that gives it a passing attention.     


Since the Delta Steel Company (DSC) has been privatized, there has been lack of effective utilization of human and material resources. The use of unskilled labour which result to centralization of employment, personnel and slow down of production.

From analysis gathered by identifying the causes of effective and efficient utilization of resource and manpower planning and why there is poor implementation of planning in Nigeria companies especially Delta Steel Company (DSC) Ovwian Aladja.


The main aim of this research is to improve the planning system of Delta Steel Company (DSC) Ovwian Aladja and also planning strategies in order to improve the economy of Nigeria goals that the company can easily attain, also to develop forecast that is, predictions of what the future holds in store for the organization of Delta Steel Company (DSC) having effective planning such as economic condition and political changes.


1    Is the planning important in an organization?

2    Is the planning objective set to achieve the organization goal?

3    Does planning system improve the standard of the business organization?

4    Does planning play a vital role in business organization?

5    Does the economic condition and political changes affect planning in business organization?

6    Does lack of planning lead to dissolution of business?

7    Can management implement a standard for planning system to the business organization?

8    Does the relationship between the managers and the employees affects planning in business organization?

9    Does your business organization need effective planning?


Effective planning can be viewed in a company organization as the back bone to success. The significances of the research work is to look into effective planning in a company or organization and how they are related to Delta Steel Company (DSC) Ovwian Aladja and any other organization to the benefit of the nation.


This study is basically to do with the impact of effective planning in organization by better result in productivity, motivation, innovation of the human relation function and the impact being about effective utilization of income with a relevant output and organization goal in a better way with emphasis to Delta Steel Company.


This study is limited to the effective planning in Delta Steel Company (DSC) Ovwian Aladja. However, the research is limited by financial and time constraints couple with large information as the senior officer of the Delta Steel Company (DSC) Ovwian Aladja refused to co-operate with the researcher from the forgoing the research, will make use of the little available little available textbooks and journals related to the area of study.


Effective supervision: Supervision skill in supervising subordinates in a group is important to successful performance. The greater the skill using group methods of supervision, the greater the productivity and job satisfaction of his subordinates.

Planning: A manager is said to be planning when he decided which objectives or goals he will pursue considering how his resources of manpower, equipment and time will be devoted to their achievement.

Organization: A group of people brought together for the purpose of achieving certain objectives as the basic unit of an organization is the role rather than the person in it organization i.e. maintained is the role rather than person in it organization i.e. existence, sometimes over a long period of time, despite change of members.

Division of labour: Most of the organization are based on the classification theory of division of labour with division of specialization as rigid hierarchical positions and close control and supervision and district hierarchical of authority.

Implementation: The putting into action of polices, goals objectives and tasks an interactive process among planning and action groups in which policies, goals and objective are used to provide the direction for action, while actions are directed at completing tasks (to fulfill objectives) generating experiences (or learning) or causing modification of tasks objectives, policies and goals.

Management: It is the process of organization, using and controlling human activities and other resources towards specific ends. The groups of persons responsible for running an organization or directing human activity toward specific ends. 

Strategy: A general method or policy for achieving specified objectives in games theory a rule by which one player selects his choice.

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