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1.0     Background of the Study

The secretary’s work is based on human relations to a very large extent. Almost every task he or she performs involves other people at some stage that is, the boss, subordinates and his colleagues in the organization as a whole and even the general public at large. Harrison (2003) observes that this aspect of secretarial work requires very special qualities such as: Tactfulness, sympathy, tolerance, genuine liking for people and desire to help them. The secretary’s relationship with the people will be much easier if he or she understand the reaction of human being to various situations, which may arise in the course of normal day’s business.

According to Jennings (2002), human relations involve the activities and relationship resulting from the interaction of two or more people in an organization, human relations concern the reason for the degree of  motivation they posses, by definition, the secretaries occupies an important position in an office. Some of the numerous services the secretaries rendered are; to support and assist the managers as well as the directors of the company with their work, making appointment for the boss, receiving callers, receiving visitors to the organization and making telephone calls. Other secretaries perform a mite range of human and material resources and also assist the boss in implementation of policies and sometimes attending meetings on behalf of the boss. The secretary has to make a detail note of the proceedings of the entire meeting and this includes documenting the activity and the matter discussed during the meeting.

The boss and the secretary should view each other as professionals in different field and recognize that there is inter-dependence of roles regarding their work. The secretary should see the boss as a partner and try as much possible to play the role of junior partner and also to learn how to apologize gracefully and to accept constructive criticism from the boss as well as the people they relate with in their surrounding. In an organization, a secretary comes across a lot of people and it is the secretary’s responsibility to cooperate with them at all times, he or she also should ensure that there is no conflict of loyalty which may arise when a supervisor attempts, to exercise authority in relation to the use of his or her time. Harding (2004) state that, “the secretary should treat his or her colleagues as he/she would like them to treat him”. The secretary’s role in dealing with the business community and inter-populace is very important to any organization.

1.1     Statement of the Problem

          Recent research have shown that the position of a secretary and human relations in an organization, and the fact that most secretaries failed to exhibit good human relations between their colleagues and the general public, the researchers shall address the study to the following problems.

Some secretaries do not have good cordial relationship with their customers and their employers.

Some of the secretaries failed to carry out good human relations practice which is expected of them, and failure to do so, the organization suffers low production and patronage and even the job would not be effectively done.

1.2     Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to find out the effect of human relation on the performance of a secretary in an organization.

However, some specific purposes are listed below

i.             To determine the effect of human relation in organizational productivity.

ii.            To identify the effect of poor secretary or colleagues relationship on organizational image performance.

iii.           To ascertain if secretaries have specific role to play in human relations in an organization.

1.3     Research Questions

The researchers will attempt to answer the following research questions

i.             What are the effects of human relations in organizational productivities?

ii.            What are the effects of poor secretary or colleague’s relationship on organizational image performance?

iii.           Do secretaries have specific role to play in human relations in an organization?

1.4        Significance of the Study

The researchers strongly believe that the outcome of this study will provide greater opportunities to secretaries by wilding their understanding on the concept of management segmentation and it uses as a strategy for correctness.

The major significance of this study is to expand the writer’s knowledge and understanding regarding the study.

It is also the significant of this research to present useful guide to organizations in view of improving the human relation activities of their secretaries. And to suggest the need for an organization to employ a qualified and competent secretary.

The research work is also meant to serve as a reference for further research work that would be carried out by students.

1.5        Limitation of the Study

Research project of this nature encounters one problem or the other. The following are the limitation and constraint encountered in carrying out the study.

Ø     Unwillingness to disclose some vital documents of the organization to the researchers, this is due to the fact that the company considers some information so confidential.

Ø     Financial constraint is also another problem that limits this study. Due to the present economic situation in the country that in involved high cost of writing materials such as, stationery used for typing the project and also the cost of transportation.

Ø     Time factor due to classroom lectures and assignments which often contradict with the time needed to get information from the respondents.

1.6        Scope of the Study

This research work is aimed at the Effect of Human Relations on the Performance of a secretary in an Organization, in selected organization in Kaduna metropolis.

1.7        Definition of Terms

Human Relations: A human relations is the behavioral science which deals with person, inter-personal, inter-work, groups and management of employee’s relationship in social system. A secretary acts as a gateway between visitors, callers and other workers in the office 

Secretary:            A secretary performs tasks similar to an executive or administrative assistant. Therefore, a secretary is the one who coordinates the daily routines of an office and organizes the office schedules and paperwork.

Administration:    An administration can also be call the management, i.e. the affairs of a company or the place paper work is being carried out.

Executive:            an executive assistance is the one who work for the company officer (at both private and public institutions), and possess the authority to make crucial decisions affecting the direction of such organization and is therefore a resource in decision making and policy setting. 

Organization:       This is a situation where an organized people or group of people work together in order to arrive at a meaningful decision. 

Relationship:        This is the way of communicating and relate effectively with other people.

Office:                  An Office is a building that belongs to an organization where people carry out their daily activities. 

Colleague:            Is the people who work together within an organization, business partners or class mate.

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