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       1.0     INTRODUCTION

       1.1     BACKGROUND OF STUDY

  Most organization today has been trying hard to protect their reputation both within and outside the country depending on the are of its operation. In other words, effect has been made so as to se how this could be achieved. Research finding revealed that human capital is the most vital machine in any organization.

We have had of eases from people as regards to organization and its employees, in line with this, it is said that organization generally exist to accomplish, contain. Objectives and provide some service to their public and their members.

In other words, organizations are set-up for different purpose to meet varying needs. The bottom line of the question to be asked is that who are the set of people carrying out the set objectives of an organization (employees or workers) and how this could be achieve in other to attain organization growth and efficiency.

However we have heard of situation of poor per performance of employees which leads to the poor performance of some organization. Organization Performance is positive when properly adhere to and it will lead to huge profit accuracy from small input of difference search resources. In other words, how can this be attain? The bottom line here is that employees must have to put . In a learned acquired skill. Therefore the personnel department must not be left aside so as to carrying of its official function (training and development).

The oxford advance learning dictionary defined training as the process of learning the skill that you need to do a job (employee training).

Business dictionary defined training as an organized activity aimed at important information and instructions to improve the recipient’s performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skills.

Ever (1999) defines training as the organized procedures by which people learn knowledge and / or skill for definite purpose. From the above definition of what training truly means, it can be said that training heads to development. One very important thing is for one to be able to known what to do, how to do it, and when to it. The need for training can not be over emphasized in other to meet the chances to dynamic business and technological environment, management must ensure that those they want to employ must undergo or have undergone sufficient, human development programs.

A company greatest asset is its staff as it make sense to ensure that every employees s trained for the job he or she is doing and developing to take future responsibility within his scope of competence. Organizational performance generally depending on how the organizational training of it employees is been adopted, it is very painful that   most managers does not recognize the concept of employees training and development and this is in one way effecting the positive performance of the organization. Employees training and development is very vital for every organization. To a large extent, the success and failure of the organization depend on the knowledge and skill of all employees and their ability to put them into use. Training and development of an employee about a particular job should not be outlook at all.


Many organization have found it difficult to meet up with their counterpart as a result of negligence on the part of management of the need for human development.

a.                  Management of organization has failed to implement proper training and development programs.

b.                 Failure on the part of the personnel management to carry out his/ her assigned function.

c.                  Management of organization sees it a waste of  resources since employees might be poached by competing firms.

d.                 Most organization are not financially buoyant to finance training programmes.

e.                  Employees reluctant to put in their best in their place of work.

1.3             PURPOSE OF STUDY

a.                  To know the pattern delta state polytechnic ozoro adopted in training and developing their employees.

b.                 To investigate the performance of delta state polytechnic ozoro when employees training and development are positively adhere to and upheld.

c.                  To investigate the relationship that exist between management and employees.

d.                 To find out if employees are trained and developed, it will lead to the attainment of organizational growth and efficiency.

e.                  To find out if delta state polytechnic ozoro has its own training and development programs.

f. To find out if due process is been observed in the employment of employees.

g.                 To find out if employees will be willing to attained training and development programs.

h.                 To find out if delta state polytechnic ozoro has been adopting a training and development programs right from its origin.

i. To find out if the growth and efficiency of the delta state polytechnic ozoro is dependent on the employees training and development.

1.4             RESEARCH QUESTION

a.                  Does the employee’s organization need a training and development programs?

b.                 How does the training and development of employees affect the growth and efficiency of an organization?

c.                  Does most organization have the resources to finance training and development?

d.                 Can only organization function without its employees?

e.                  Does personnel department in an organization carry out its function effectively?

f.        How can employees be trained?

g.                 What are the tools put in place in other to achieve organizational goals?

h.                 Can organization grow without implementing trainings?


This research will enable business men, staff, management of the delta state polytechnic ozoro, student government and other business organization to always consider the concept of training and development as a key to the attainment of organization growth. At the end of this research, delta state polytechnic ozoro will know the importance of training their employees in other to attain organization growth and efficiency.

1.6             DELIMITATION OF SUDY

This research work has been delimited to delta state polytechnic ozoro, it is going to cover a period of four month (semester semester) and it is delimitated to the employees training and development as a veritable tool for organization performance.

1.7             LIMITATION OF SUDY

Below are some of the constraints or some restriction that made this research work to be generalized in the population.

a.                  Time also limited the attainment of this research as at the, time of carrying out this research, school was still in section, so there were clashes with lectures and assignment.

b.                 There was bad weather condition. This amount to rain almost all through the days of carrying out this research.

c.                  There were financial fountains

d.                 Some worker were too busy with administrative work so they refuse collecting the questionnaire

e.                  As at the time of administering of the questimanire, some of the workers were on official duty


·                 Organisation this is a group, association or company that serve a particular purpose.

·                 Reputation is a social entity {a person, a group of ;people an organisation} of an opinion above that entry, typically a result of social evaluation on a set of criteria .

·                 Poarched stealing of trained workers from competitors

·                 Personal Department. The department responsible in the organisation to provide special lot knowledge and services to employees.

·                 Training and Development. The act of improving the skill and acquisition of knowledge 

·                 Performance. The accomplishment of a give task measured against preset knows Stan tarts of accuracy completeness cost and speed.



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