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 In recent times the performance of any brand name in business depends largely on advertisement which is mapped out of marketing strategy.     

Advertising has not only become an integral part of our society and economic system but also grows over the years to assume tremendous propositions but as a business activity and social phenomenon. It has affected not only the business but also the whole society.

According to Offiong (1991), advertising is a way of projecting value, ideas and expectation and soon to consumers. It is most effective as a reinforcement of favorable attitudes value and dispositions already held by consumers.

Advertising as defined by the American Marketing Association, as any paid form of Non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Advertising come in various forms, it involves the use of newspapers and magazines, television, radio, display of direct mail, bill board and so on. It is carried out to build up long term preference for a particular brand; it also helps in creating awareness about a new product and reminding customers of existing ones. Advertising is basically a means of promotion brand names of product. Advertising is a promotion tool (a marketing mix) that enhances the performance of a particular brand product in the market.

According to Olannye (2002), promotion is a process of communication that has the intention of delivery message about a brand from the marketers to potential and correct customers. Advertising has a high public mode of communication of information the brand and also making them to know. The new or existing brand of a product in the market. Besides, it is a percussive medium that permits the sellers to repeat its message as many times as possible.

1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

Advertising is a marketing tool whose sole aim is to build preference for subscribers about existing brand in the market. The relevant statement of the research work is to critically x-ray the effect of advertising on brand using Airtel Nigeria Plc as a case may be.

1.3              OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The main objective of the projectis to present how Airtel Nigeria benefit lost specific objective are as follows:

1.       To examine the effect of advertising on brand performance.

2.       To stress the benefit of advertising on brand performance.

3.       The research will help us to advertise on brand performance.

4.       The research will help us to understand the memory of advertising and its objective.

5.       To demonstrates how advertising can be used to correct brands with negative enquiry.

6.       To know how advertising can be used to project good corporate image of Airtel Nigeria Plc.


To effectively and efficiently carry out this study, the following research question will have to be addressed:

1.        Does advertising helps counter the more of competitive performance?

2.       Does advertising improve brand which will lead to increase of sales?

3.       Does advertising increase production level in Airtel Nigeria?

4.       To what degree does advertising increase patronage and customer loyalty?

5.       Does advertising have any relationship with the positive brand performance of Airtel Nigeria?


The following three hypothesis were formulated:

1.       Ho: Effect of advertising has no importance on consistent increase on effect of performance.

2.       H1: Effect of advertising new product has consistent increase on effect on performance.

3.       H1: Effect of Advertising on brand performance has no effect on Advertising.


This study seeks to identify the role advertising plays in the achievement of Airtel Nigeria objective. This study will basically serve as a guide to the company and individual by giving them both the company (Airtel Nigeria) and the consumers insight with how a well planed and effective advertising programme can help to yield a positive impact on brand performance. The study will serve as a point of reference to other organization and companies that embark on advertising to know impact it would have on the brand performance and what to do next incase of how impact.


This study involves a review of advertising company of Airtel Nigeria from 2004. The study will highlight the memory of Advertising, advertising as a promotion tool and also examine the impact of advertising on brand performance. This study period is one year.


In the course of carrying out this work, numerous problem was encountered of the problem was finance being a student. It was not easy for me financially.

Secondly, most of the company’s management staff and workers were not opportune to respond to me due to the engagement with the company’s activities. Hence the researcher suffered and wasted a lot of time waiting for their responses and act the end some copies of the questionnaires were not returned.

Time constrains, while carrying out this study, the research was subjected to a stipulated time limit without which must be reported.

A study of this magnitude requires more time than which was given the researcher and this was a serious limitation on the side as the research work.


Advertising: This is defined by the American Marketing Association as any paid form of non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas goods or services by an identified sponsor.

Advertisement: This is simply the message of copy. The brand bin itself for example is an advertising copy. In every advertisement, the sender called sponsor is identified as the sources of the message. In addition, the sponsor of the advertisement pays for the space or the time he is using to deliver his or her message.

Advertising is a marketing tool that helps to sell brands of products and helps to build confidence in companies and institutions by conveying accurate and compelling information to consumers about the brand, company or institutions.

Brand: Brand name is the spoken component of branding. It can either describe the product or a means, symbol, sign or logo or a communication of items intended to identify the goods or services of the seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them those of the competitors as the case of Airtel Nigeria Plc.

Performance: Management is the act and science the sales of product or services.

Organisation: An organization is a combination of people or individual effort working together in pursuing of certain common purposes known as organization goal.

Slogans: Short phrase used to describe the brand or persuade consumers about some characteristics of the brand. Example is Vita foam.

Jingle: Audio message about the brand that are composed of words or distinctive music. Example are Mtn, Airtel, Glo etc.

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