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Organisations uses performance appraisal their strength and weaknesses and to improve in their operations.

Performance appraisal is defined as the formal assessment and rating of individual workers by the supervisors and the manager.

In any organisation, manpower remains the most prominent and the most valuable assets among other factors of production. It is this reason performance appraisal is given recognition as a tool to improve organisational activities.

Nigeria Bottling Company Plc (NBC) is a Greek-Own company with branches in more then 180 countries all over the world including Nigeria.

Nigeria Bottling Company Plc (NBC) which is part of coca-cola was incorporated in Nigeria in November, 1951 to bottle and sell carbonated non alcoholic beverages. The company has the sole franchise to bottle coca-cola products in Nigeria.

Production of coca-cola began in 1853 at a bottling facility  Lagos and new plants at Kano, Port-Harcourt and Ibadan were opened.

The Nigeria Bottling Company Plc (NBC) became a public company in 1972 with its shares listed on the Nigerian stock exchange.

Nigeria Bottling Company Plc (NBC) generate it own power and is self sufficient and it also have its own carbondioxied and water production. It has it bottling facilities around the country and it uses 82 distributions outlets with the Head quarter at Ebute-metta, Lagos state.

In Nigeria today, coca-cola is number one bottler of soft drinks, selling more than 20 million bottles per-day this is a figure which is still growing with the continuing expansion of the existing 18 plants in various parts of the country. Coca-cola is bottled in Lagos, Ibadan, Part-Harcourt, Anambra, Plateau and Kware state. Others includes Kaduna, kano and maiduguri state.

Fanta is by far orange segment and Sprite is the most widely sold lemon drink in Nigeria . coca-cola, Fanta and sprite are the more products of the company

Achievement of coca-cola has brought the development of numbers of sisters industries and there are all contributing to the growth of the Nigerian economy.

Nigeria Bottling Company plc obtains its bottles from the Delta Glass company in Ugelli.

The Nigeria Bottling Company Plc (NBC) is a subsidiary company of leventis group which serves as the parent company. It is established in 1977 as one grown line plant with 50 staff but it has grown to the line plant with 240 workforce.

The corporate objectives of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc (NBC) includes the followings:

i.       Product such as coca-cola, start up to a certain capacity as allocated to each of the beverage.

ii.     Transfer of technology in beverage production to Nigeria. Creation of employment opportunities to Nigerian.

iii.  Generation of considerable internal revenue for government through the payment of exercise duties, import duties and company taxation.

iv.   Provision of varied social responsibilities

v.     Presentation of good public image both in Nigeria and overseas


Performance appraisal which  is one of the tool used by Nigeria Bottling Company Plc (NBC) have some draw back which if not properly handled could destroy an organisation

i.             Worker who are not rewarded by the management tends to  

         team up which can lead to unionism

ii.            Rater biases: Some employee are appraised based on sentiment, cultural differences, sex etc

iii.          Insufficient knowledge of the appraise: superior are required to conduct the appraisal because of their hierarchical position.

iv.          Error of central tendency: This is talking about placing every employee on average performance rather than appraising them on their contribution or performances.

v.           Error of personal prejudice: This is talking about appraising employee using the past problem the worker might have with he supervisor to judge the present performance of the person (Grudge).

1.3      RESEARCH QUESTION      

From the fore-going, it is clear that employee performance can be said to be control (Larry) of performance appraisal techniques.

On the basis of the following hypothesis have been advanced to address the issues raised in the statement of the problem in order to verify the objectives of the study

Below are the hypothesis:

Ho:  Performance appraisal techniques do not provide formal management procedure used in the evaluation of work performance in the organisation.

Hi:   Performance appraisal techniques provide formal management procedure used in the evaluation of work performance in the organisation.

1.4                  OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The objective of the study include:

i.             To examined the impact of performance appraisal in the life of employee.

ii.            To identify employee strength and weaknesses

iii.          To identify training and developmental needs.

iv.          To provide viable information for succession planning.

v.           To provide a bases for rewarding employee in relations to their contribution to the organisation.

vi.          To use as an impetus for the employee input

1.5                  SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This study is concerned about assessing performance appraisal techniques in Nigeria Bottling Company Plc in Kaduna state.

The researcher has related the study only to the areas that are related to the topic such areas are: performance appraisal, Techniques for performance appraisal etc.

1.6                  LIMITATION OF THE RESEARCH

The short comings of questionnaire are as follows:

Attitude of the respondents; the inapproachable attitude of some senior employees of the organisation to the researcher may be a problem to the toughness of the research.

Limited finance has also contributed the researchers’ inability to purchase most of the materials needed for the project

Time: Due the time constraints, this study is based on company which was not a true representation of the whole organisations.

The study is also limited to the assessment of performance appraisal techniques in organisation.


i.      Appraisal: To make a judgment of the value, performance or nature of something

ii.     Techniques: This is the particular way of doing something

iii.    Organisation: An enterprises established by a person or group of individuals, government in order to provide goods and services for the satisfaction of human needs

iv.    Performance Appraisal techniques: It is the way or particular way that organisation used in appraising their workers inform of saying thank you.

v.     Management: A systematic process of planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and controlling of others to achieve organisational goal and objectives.

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