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Customers are the reason why any business exist be it service or manufacturing business. This is because before any business organization is set, the initiator of such business must have in mind a defined audience or people for the patronage of such business in order to make profit as profit making is the ulterior motive of any businessman. Therefore, customers are needed in any business venture whether privately or publicly owned for profit purpose and sustainability of such a venture. However, the modern marketing trend, which seeks to satisfy the customers’ want and needs, has changed the face of business in Nigeria and the world in general.

Consequently, technological advancement had improved economic activities in recent times which has invariably increased the competitive nature of businesses. But technological excellence is not enough as superb technology alone does not guarantee success. There is, therefore, the need for modern marketing experts to know that businesses these days have to be obsessed with understanding their customers very well by way of knowing what they want and striving hard to provide what they want an how they want it in order to satisfy them and consequently make profit. These

knowledge alone is not enough. Putting them into practice paves the way for smooth and successful running of the business.

Presently, the competitive marketing environment in Nigeria has necessitated customer care in both product and service oriented business organizations. One of such service industry in Nigeria is the government owned broadcast industry in Enugu State comprising the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN). The cable industry and other privately owned media like Minaj. Africa Independent Television (AIT), Cosmo FM to mention but a few are not about to surrender their market shares. Thus they are counting on the shortcomings of these Direct Broadcasting Satellite (DBS) Services of NTA and FRCN by providing Satellite dishes and services with ownership and maintenance responsibility amongst other benefits enjoyed by their customers. They are equally upgrading their customers. They are equally upgrading their systems, quality programmes and investing more in consumer marketing.

This study therefore aimed at appraising the implementation of customer care services by the government owned broadcasting industry like NTA and FRCN. With expanded outreach through the establishment of more equipped stations, they are incorporating customers in their decision-making programming activities?


The practice and implementation of customer service and customer relations have both become very important terms in most growing organizations especially in the service industry. Such service organizations like the hotels, banks eating outlets like Mr. Biggs, Nourisha, etc and privately owned telecommunication operators like Globacom, MTN, MTEL and Zain do imbibe the culture of customers care.

Adirika et al (1996:341) stipulated that most marketers should be aware of ancillary service, which is incidental to the object of exchange. These are also called customer service. The greater the undifferentiated nature of the object of exchange and competition, the greater the importance of these ancillary service in promoting customer patronage. So a man that starts a business with a well-furnished office and competent staff is incomplete without customers to secure the flow of cash into his business which is a signature to profitability, success, growth and survival.

In today’s competitive business environment, the need for profitability, sustainability and growth through customer satisfaction cannot be overemphasized due to the incessant collapse of business in recent times especially the private owned ones. Studies carried out by Olakunori (2003) and Nwagu (2000) on pubic sector organizations like NEPA and NITEL respectively showed that customer are services is yet to be fully incorporated

in most government-owned establishment like Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) formerly NEPA, NITEL, NTA and FRCN to mention a few. This resulted to complaints by dissatisfied customers about the services of these governments – owned establishments.

With their wonderful programmes, and programming as well as the recent expansions to the thirty six states of the federation including Abuja with state of the art equipment to enable them perform better, NTA and FRCN can be said to have the widest reach in terms of broadcast transmission. This move to broaden their horizon all over the federation has no doubt made NTA and FRCN the leaders in broadcast transmission in Nigeria in spite of the emerging privately owned stations. The issues therefore is that there is a problem whether customer care services are adequately implemented in government owned broadcast stations. The fact remained that despite government’s disbursement of monthly subvention for the sustainability and growth of the industry, both management and staff of broadcast stations should always have at the back of their mind that customer are reason why they exist and should make them first in their scale of preference while preparing various programmes. This summarized the problem for embarking on this study.


1.                To determine whether customer care services is given priority position in government owned broadcast companies like NTA and


2.                To find out how the management of NTA and FRCN apply customer care services in their marketing activities.

3.                To find out whether NTA and FRCN consider customer care services a vital part to continuous patronage and revenue generation.

4.                To know if NTA and FRCN as government-owned broadcast stations meet the expectations of their customers in service delivery.


The study strived to answer the following research questions;

(a)            So NTA and FRCN have customer care department?

(b)            Is customer relations/care accorded a priority position in the scheme of things in NTA and FRCN?

(c)             In what way is customer care applied in NTA and FRCN

(d)            Is the application of customer care a contributive factor to the sustainability and expansion of NTA and FRCN in the country?

(e)             To what extent are customer’s need responded to in NTA and FRCN?

(f)              Are customers satisfied with the services of both NTA and FRCN?


H1:   The management of NTA and FRCN do not give priority position to customer care services.

H2:   Customer care service is not a contributive factor of revenue generation and growth of NTA and FRCN.

H3:   Government owned broadcast stations like NTA and FRCN do not meet the expectations of their customers in service delivery

H4:     The monopoly once enjoyed by the government – owned Station like NTA and FRCN is not the reason for lack of customer care services.


This research study is of utmost importance because it is done at a time when most organizations especially government owned establishments are saddled with customer related problems due to dissatisfaction of services rendered by these establishments to their customers.

1.                The outcome of this research will enable the two major government-owned broadcast outfits: NTA and FRCN discover the

extent to which the application of customer care services can contribute to effective and efficient broadcasting of progremmes and enhance profitability through quality services.

2.                It will be used also decided on how to improve on customer relations and as such reposition their activities in the face of the alarming growing competition in the industry due to the emerging new private owned broadcast TV and Radio stations in the country.

3.                It will equally be of help to future researchers on how customers care service can be applied to other business areas to strengthen customer relations and stay afloat in business


In order to come out with accurate and reliable information, the researcher decided to confine herself with the government broadcast stations in Enugu that is NTA and FRCN Enugu. The issue of logistics as well as finance and time factor made the researcher unable to go beyond the level she ought to have reached.


Broadcast of Terms: Media that use the airwaves to transmit their signal and programming. Radio and Television are example of broadcast media.

Cable Television: A from of television where signals are carried to households by wire rather than through the airways.

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