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The United bank for African plc has it’s antecedents rooted in that of its processor. British and French bank limited. The British and French bank Limited itself, metamorphosed from Banque National Pource commerce et al industries of paris (establish in 1952) Massrs E.G. Humgerbulher and C.H. Baker arrived in Nigeria in the early 1949 from BNCL, Paris.

But men made the British and French bank, Mr. Hungenblulen left shortly after the bank was established while Mr. Baker stayed back for few years as aim officer. Another big influences are the establishment of the bank was Mr. Herte Wroche. He was the head of the international division at BNCI and contributed immensely to the rapid growth of the new bank. In May, 1949, the British and French Bank began, operation in Nigeria, at 117, broad Lagos, which today house apart of the kin’s way stocks complete. The bank occupied a floor  of the building at the function of Danies and Broad street, the Bank official opened to business in  December  1949 with a  staff strength of about 12.

The bank when public under French man who was seconded from BNCI Paris in 1960 in accordance with the policy and intention of the French owns of the bank to sell of some of its shares to Nigerians. On February 23 196, the United Bank for Africa Plc was incorporated to takeover the asset and liabilities of the British and French bank. The official opening of the bank for business under the new name was on October 3rd 1961. Its registered office was at 129129 broad street, Lagos  with it  establishment UBA became  the first Bank among the international banks  operating  in Nigeria at the to be  registered under the Nigerian law.

Its paid up capital was over four million the following banking were.

-                     British and French bank

-                     Bank Nazi onaledell laurro of Italy

-                     Moute  Dei Paschi desiena of Italy

-                     Banks Trust of New  York, USA

-                     Amsterdam Rottedam Bank of Holland

By  1961 the bank  had grown from the  its one office structure  to 10 Branches located in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna and Porthacourt from that time the bank starts to grow strength  to strength. Today UBA Plc has over  two hundred and fifty branches spread across the country with experience staff posted  to every  branch. It has a string capital base and rated as third strength. Bank in the country interms of capital base and asset     


Findings and research about this research project problem is critical and serious in banks because of the increase of employment of unqualified staff and poor service render to customers in banking industries over the years (1998-2002) appears to indicate unambiguously the  lack of computerization of customers services in the banking industry is the main  cause of those  defects                                                                                                                                 

Low productivity among the commercial banks are also cause by lack of computerization of customer service of bank and are hardly solved without the use  of computers in the banking industries.


Generally, before any research is carried out there   most  be an aim to that exercise this are the aims:

-                     Analyzing the role of computer in the activities of the bank as its effect on customer  services.

-                     To relate the role to its practical application in united bank for Africa UBA Plc

-                     To demonstrate the need for computerized customer services in UBA Plc

-                     To appraise the future and or bankers of computer as it affects customer service in banks (if any)

-                     To offer suggestion where possible to some problem faced and to recommend to users certain producer that will enhance the achievement of effective and efficient computerized customers services in UBA Plc.

-                     To contribute to knowledge generally.


The significance of the study is that the customers and staff of UBA Plc in particular and the public in general will be able to know the importance attached to the use of computer in the banking industries with special reference to UBA Plc Kaduna main branch.

They will also be able to know how efficiency affects the customers of the bank.

At the end of this research work, the researcher’s knowledge will also increase as to the use computer in UBA Plc and the advantage attached to it.


Hypothesis is a guess of specific expectation about the nature of things derived from problem, it is a tentative and testable explanation usually in declaration from the relationship between variable either general or specific.

Alternative: The computerization of customers services is UBA Plc Kaduna main Branch has no effect to customers.

Null: the presence of computer in UBA Plc Kaduna Branch has greatly enhance the reliability and attentiveness of services rendered to customers”                

These are assumptions that this research work is to confirm true or otherwise.


The focus of the research work covers computerized customers services in UBA Plc, Kaduna Branch as a case study. The study is therefore limited to the Kaduna main branch of UBA Plc only. It will not extend to other branch within Kaduna State  and it is also from 2003 to 2007.                                


In view with the significance of the introduction of computer  to banking sector, the customers and staff of United sector, the customers and staff of United bank for African Plc in particular and the public in general will be able to know the importance attached to the introduction of computer.

And also the researcher of this project work  will also increase  in knowledge about computer and advantage attached to  it.

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