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The origin of banking in Nigeria dated back to the Goldsmith in venice and up till the main stay at banks output for her customers.

          Services is the motto of distributing the banks various production packages and marketing strategies implementation.

It is also the blowent of the Industry in the face of government guideline and harsh monetary or fiscal. This is viewed by Oguntade Adekunle in business times that the aggressive marketing advertisement with the current central directive on deregulation of interest rate, banks must work extremely hard to be able to survive.

In Nigeria, the economy has been largely exhibitive of classic sellers market in all sectors. Till the recent past, the country is under banked and bank customers are wanted to accept or consumer services without Questions as in every sellers, market.

No wonder Irojiogu in business times pointed out that as many factors militate against rendering efficient banking services in Nigeria such as under bank in Nigeria.

But today, financial institution in Nigeria has become more competitive. Edmond stated in Business Times that as an effort to improve and provide innovative service, financial institution especially most step in line with the present trend in financial Institution should be satisfied, through deliverance of services that will satisfy the need of the customers, the financial institution make their profit considering these fact and also the view that human needs are insatiable, there’s need for this study to improve the services rendered to customers. The idea of efficient services in the financial industry have been given serious attention not only by the management of financial institution but also by the government. This view is that financial institution should provide, friendly courteous, orderly, efficient and satisfying services to her customers.

In view of the foregoing the relationship between a financial institution and their customers is contracted. This is because financial institution is about trust. The customers entrust his hand earned money with the bank for safe keeping. Here the Institution is a debtor/agent and the customer is the creditor/principal since the institution carry out instruction of the customers, in consideration for these service the institutions is paid commission, interest or feet, in some situation, the institution is the creditor while customer is the debtor. Such situations like advances or credit facilities to customers. Yet many institutions are known for their slow pace in truncating business. Lons Queves with customers waiting for hour to cash CheQues or deposit their money. To open an account is characterized by come today and next week syndrome. To buy a bank draft is another story. This is buttressed in one of the national daily newspaper, last year in the heat of WAEC registration, had a cartoon-leave of an employee who was asking for two days causal leave to enable him purchase bank draft.

Another, a customer was carrying into the Institution so as to sleep while waiting for his turn. Yet another customer was being turned around by the staff of the Institution in his Quest for the section of foreign exchange for him to exchange his foreign currency.

According to Gadzama, M.W. in choir man’s statement Annual Report, that Customers are treated with lack of seriousness by staff”. They believe it is right to deliberately delay customers as a result of their nonchalant attitude to work.  it is always a daily occurrence to hear obvious flowing from customers to bank staff over the  protracted delay in completing transaction.

No wonder the then Chief of General Staff vice Admiral Augustus Aikhomu stressed the point while addressing delegate in the 12th Anniversary of the Nigerian Institute of  Financial Institutions.

He said that “rather one observe buoyant balance sheet, which are not as a result of  quality services (Emphasizes mine) or growth stimulation, but a recourse to drastic shift in asset portfolio, characterized by a more total avoidance of risk altogether. “That is why there must be need for re-orientation in attitude of staff in financial Institution towards their customers, least in the next decade financial institutions and the nations economic activities was  certainly become more complex and sophisticated.  

A brief mention of the origin of financial Institution here in Nigeria, they also serve a good number of appreciated number of customers. But because of two parties (staff and customers) are not satisfied with each other hence the study.


In the service ministry effectiveness of management is often by the Quality of services rendered. This is in turn determined by the time spent to obtain the services and the circumstances in which it is received. Customers are satisfied when they get the services they want at the right time, right place, right price and the right manner.

As  customers and users of banks directly or indirectly are aware of the various problems faced by customers;

-                     It has been very difficult to understand the characters of the bank and customers.

-                     Deposit the enhanced status of the banking staff, it has been a problem to know the adequacy of resources human and material resource for effective operations.

-                     Another problem is the doubt to how the objectives and aims of the bank are achieved.

-                     Moreso, it is not clear to determined the extent of staff/customer relationship in financial institutions.

-                     The has been complaint from the customers of non satisfactory services.


Bearing the stated problem in mind this study will find a way of correcting the problems and to improve on them. The purpose of this study include the following,

-                     To find out the characteristics of staff and customers of financial institution.

-                     To determine the adequacy of the resource human and materials.

-                     To find out it the aims and objectives of the banks are being achieved.

-                     To find out the extent of staff and customer relationship.

-                     To determine the extent of customers complaint of non satisfactory service.


Considering the uniqueness of the problems identified in this research, the finding are expected to be of great importance to.

Satisfaction of customers needs through improved quality services.

          In the exposition of customer service relations, professor bricks, expresses the position of the customer in such relationship. He expressed that customers are the main reason institutions since existence. That financial institution are not doing any favour to the customers but that customers are  doing favour by entrusting his hand turned money for safe keeping. They (Customer) make  greatest demand of financial institution, the most important being getting their money when they want it and some of the institutions money when they need it, it is therefore important that an efficient and artiours services will be crucial in retaining her customers.

Some commercial banks in Nigeria which tends to be indifferent to delays suffered by their customers. With competition increasing fast in the banking industry the problem of delays in banks cannot be over-looked especially if they have to retain their customers.

The knowledge of today’s customers are increasing and therefore their number and knowledge requires even harder efforts. In the light, it is just obligatory and prudent for banks to improve their service. Anything short of that will be fool handily and many endanger the life of the bank..

The importance of this study also is to through light on some of the causes and effects of unsatisfactory counter services in the Nigeria financial institution which is the base of the current Nigeria banking system. The Institution staff/management will find the exposition useful. Curious customers will also benefit from this study.


-                     What are the characteristics of staff/customers in financial institution

-                     To what extent are the human and material resources adequate to achieved effective functionality in financial institution.

-                     To what extent are the objective and aims of the financial institution being achieved?.

-                     What are the relationship between financial institution and their customers.

-                     To what extent are the complaints of non-satisfactory services from customers effect the operation of the institutions.

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