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1.1  Background of the Study

In turbulent time, business has to be managed properly in order to withstand the changes in the environment and also proper accounting records has to be kept, for it to protect itself from unexpected rent such as business failure and eventual close up/wind – up. In every profit making business enterprise, proper financial for accounting records and investment decision. Therefore the success or failures of every business organization solely depend on proper accounting record keeping. Accounting as a process of recording, Classifying, selecting, measuring, interpreting and communicating finance data of an organization to enable users make assessment and decision according to him accounting is a discipline which comprises a set of theories and concepts for processing financial data into information.

1.2      Statement of the Problem

The extent of accounting record keeping in prevent organization is a significant nature. But some private organizations have to be treated with some problems, which result to their winding up. These include:

a.          Lack of permanent and systematic record keeping for financial transaction.

b.          Lack of recording the expenses incurred.

c.           Lack of position in the efficient running of a business over a given period.

d.          Lack of recording and assessment of profit or loss made at any given time.

All theses are the problem the research wants to address in a private organization.

1.3      Objectives of the Study

The objective of the visible importance to high light the visible importance of the extent of accounting records keeping in private organization. The research will be of a great aid to government and small scale in enlightened them on the need to keep day to day financial record in the organization.

1.4      Research Questions

For the purpose of this study the following research question is formulated.

a.          How do you keep record in your organizations?

b.          Why are accounting records necessary in your organization?

c.           How did accounting records help improving the growth of your organization?

d.          What are the types of accounting book kept in your organization?

1.5      Significance of the Study

The research will help many organization concerned on the need for accounting records kept and make them understand that accounting;

a.          Enable business organization to keep their record so that organizations will know the profit made or loss incurred in a given period.

b.          Help to determine the financial position of the organization at any determine period.

c.           Reduce to case of fraud associated with improper record keeping by the management or book keeping.

1.6      Scope of the Study

As we all know accounting is a very wide field of study, but the researcher limited to the researcher limited to the extent of accounting records keeping in private organization with special reference to eternity study.

1.7      Limitation of Study

The problem of financial constraint which prevented the researcher from traveling to source for some material needed to complete this work, also time factor is another problem encountered by the research that is time available was not enough.

By reason of the above limitation it was virtually impossible to get as much as information anticipated for this research study.

1.8      Definition of Terms

§     Turbulent:  It means disorder.

§     Accounting:  This is the process of recording, classifying selecting, measuring interpreting and communicating financial data of an organization to enable user’s male assessment and decision.

§     Profit:  this is a reward which becomes due to owners of a business as a result of successful period of trading.

§     Book Keeper: This is a person who undergone a formal or professional trading in the process of accounting and also belong to at least one of the recognized professional accounting bodies such as the (ICAN).

§     GAAp:  General accepted accounting principle.

§     CAN:  Institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria.

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