restoration of a given faulty equipment or gadget into its normal operational standard

restoration of a given faulty equipment or gadget into its normal operational standard

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This report is presented as documentation for the repairs, maintenance and installation in the electrical machine laboratory of the electrical and electronics engineering department of Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna. Most electrical equipment’s are very complex and complicated with several independent units, hence troubleshooting and repairs is also complex. Protection against danger or harm is the most important consideration when working with electrical equipment. One should take reasonable precaution for personal safety, environmental safety and the safety of the equipment on which we are working   on. The equipment manual includes the details of safety articles which outlines the steps one should follow to avoid injury. The article also describes safety precautions which states that it is important for one should take those faults which are understood. This can be said that one should attempt to repair only the item he has confidence of repairing.


After observations the problems realized includes the following:

1. Some sockets have no power and some of them were left uninstalled. This problem could be due to blown out fuses or open circuit in them.

2. Some of the switches are not functioning, this could be caused due to ageing of the switches.

3. Another problem observed was the fluorescent fittings many of them fluctuate when switched ON, this could be caused as a result of low voltage or the tube is dead.

4. One of the celling fan of the laboratory is not functioning and this is cause by a blown out or dead capacitor.

5. Another problem observed was, the fans are not enough to cool the equipment in the laboratory.


The aims and objectives of any servicing engineer is to restore a given faulty equipment or gadget into its normal operational standard. hence the task here is to maintain and repair the given faulty sockets fluorescent fitting and also to install new equipment.   

1.4       SCOPE OF THE STUDY  

In electrical machine laboratory of electrical and electronics engineering department, Kaduna polytechnic, Kaduna, there are several socket out let, fluorescent fitting, synchronous machines, gang switch and variable power supply. These electrical appliances become faulty as a result of ageing, poor handling and lack of adequate maintenance and repairs. Hence the need for maintenance and repairs has become necessary.


First a complete stock of the functional equipment and system available in the laboratory was taken and recorded.   The researcher then proceeded to draw up routine maintenance schedule for each of them, after studying their manuals    and other standard procedure documents. maintenance   routine include both preventive and corrective methods. Subsequently the drawn up routine was developed into a maintenance calendar to cover the 12 weeks of the field work. The project team then compiled a list of all the tools and materials needed to carry out the repairs, maintenance and installation, cross checked against   those available in the laboratory procuring those that were not in the laboratory. Each member of the project study team was then allotted different task and time to manipulate the process and was asked to keep records of his/her activities. At the end of each exercise the team reviewed all the activities throughout the field, work safety precautions were stressed and observed to protect personal and equipment and this paid off as no damage or injury was recorded.


The first chapter introduces the entire report while the second chapter contains literature review that highlighted so many methods of repairs.

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