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This project attempts to computerize fuel distribution system of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Apata, Ibadan. This project is aimed at designing an automated system to ensure the distribution of fuel to the desired destination thereby leading to a more efficient, accurate and faster method in distributing fuel when the need arises. The propose system ensures adequate fuel distribution.

The programming language that will be used to develop this package is Visual basic due to its object oriented nature and also makes use of iconic interface that present information as picture instead of texts and numbers. The sale and production managers were interviewed to obtained information. Books are read to acquire more useful information.

The program was tested with carefully selected input data and produced efficient result and thereby recommended for use by NNPC Apata, Ibadan


1.0                                   INTRODUCTION


            Over the years, computer has served a vital tool for the prevision of information in business organizations today.

There is hardly any serious business organization today that does not make use of computer in its day business activities computer are used in banking operation engineering design, research work are fuel distribution. It is common knowledge that the application of computer in various organizational activities has help to improve the efficiency of operation and the overall performance of organizations. This basically can be attributed to the speed, accuracy and storage capacity of the computer.

            Distribution of fuel like any other setup, requires a lot of computer processing before fuel can be adequately distributed. This process include gathering of information to be used by management.

The advert of computer blew a breeze of change across the sections of this procedure thereby affected are the account department, production department and sales department. Distribution comes under the sales department, this department has always been neglected because of the computer used for processing.

This department remain vital aspect of the organization since the corporation source income depends largely on the effective distribution and this had necessitated the selected of this topic “Distribution System”.


Due to lack of prompt information retrieval and time wastage in dealing with the society or group that manages this distribution of fuel and inquiry are no longer capable of effective handling the tremendous information about fuel.


The ultimate aim of this project is to computerize fuel distribution procedure. This is to increase the efficiency of fuel distribution. This project will open avenue on how the computer can be fully utilized in distribution of fuel in respect of improving the present activates using computer. The objective include:

1.         To reduce the rate of data manipulation, and to improve the performance of the system.

2.         To reduce the usage of file this could affect the daily production and sales information adversely.

3.         To speed up the process of fuel distribution and have better control of the activities/ procedure.

4.         To ensure proper functioning of all units and department within the system.


            The distribution of fuel has been pf immense importance to the society and the depot which include the following:

1.         The availability fuel has eased transportation in society.

2.         Cooking has become easier in the society, due to the production other product such as kerosene.

3.         The rate of consumption of fuel by the society as served as a means of generating income to the management of the depot.

4.         It has enable the management to increase its product.


This project focuses the process of computerizing all the processing of fuel distribution for convince and to avoid complexity a particular depot, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC), Ibadan has been chosen as the case study.

Also, the project also take care of the cost of litres, and issued out to various filling station, the program will perform the following tasks.

1.         It will allow for percentage allocation for each filling station to be input when necessary.

2.         The total allocation for each filling station will be displayed.

3.         The total quantity of fuel supplied and demanded will be displayed.


            This project prototype software which demonstrate how fuel can be distributed to various units. It can used on stand alone system also;

            Exorbitant financial implication is involved in using other oil company which cannot be afforded.

1.7            DEFINITION OF TERMS

This project will not be completed without the identification and definition of some of the terms used in the course of writing.

1.         DISTRIBUTION: This is an act of allocating a shared distributed, allotment, apportionment.

2.         AUTOMATED: This used of system to perform task.

3.         FUEL: An organic Compound comprises of petroleum coal, kerosene, lubricating  oil e.t.c. that is burnt in generate heat or energy.

4.         PETROLEUM: They are organic energy which are consumable by people to generate heat or energy.

5.         TANKER: A form of vehicle, which serve as a means of conveyance of transporting of petroleum product from one place to another.

 6.        LOCATION: The destination or place where the petroleum products are to be transported.

7.         DISPATCH: To send away, to dispose off speedily.

8.         CARRIER: This is the name of the tanker drive.

9          SUPPLYING DEPOT: The depot supplying product to other station.

10.       DRIVE WAY: Is where the fuel is measured and discharge in the corporation and the filling station.

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