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According to Osai Yaw Ababio (1990), new school chemistry, “emulsion is a colloidal system in which a liquid is dispersed in another liquid”, or emulsion is a two-phase system containing two immiscible liquid to which an emulsifier is added. It can also be seen as a very fine dispersion of one liquid in another with which it is immiscible.

Colloids can take on the appearance of solid, liquid or gasses, although there are invariable mixtures of some kind. Colloidal particles are generally between 5 and 1000nm in diameter, this means that they are much larger than atoms or small molecules such as water. A colloidal system is made up of two phases; the continuous phase and the disperse phase. The continuous phase carries the disperse phase.

However, paint is a word used to describe the dispersion of pigment in water or organic solvent. Therefore, emulsion paint is a water-based paint. This means that water is the solvent or medium in which all other materials are dissolved in. emulsion paint are also known as water thinned paint and it is used extensively as interior and exterior flat wall coating.

Emulsion paint has distinctive and excellent properties, which made it different from other paints whose media, may be organic solvent. These properties include;

1)      Resistance to atmospheric moisture content

2)      Durability

3)      It is easy to apply and dries quickly.


Many produces of emulsion paints produce sub-standard quality as a result of not using right materials and compound. This is as a result of the producer’s need for higher profit; this sub-standard emulsion paint may not meet the need of the consumers in terms of durability and resistance to corrosion.

The production of emulsion paint that is acidic is dangerous as it leads to the destabilization of the paint. The availability of PH meter; an instrument used to measure the degree of acidity and alkanity of a medium is problem.


The problems of atmospheric corrosion have been a challenge to mankind as it results in heavy economic losses. However, the research work is aimed at developing paint formulation, which will be used to produce paints that can with stand corrosion within our environment. The emulsion paint can be used as both interior and exterior house paint, and also the emulsion paint should be able to meet the taste of the users in terms of durability and resistance to atmospheric condition. This will curb the menace of sub-standard emulsion paint.


The research work is important because paints this days, are not durable, do not dry easily and cannot with stand the moisture content of the atmosphere. However, this research work will produce paint that is durable, easy to dry and can with stand corrosion.

It will provide an effective method of producing emulsion paint that will be of desired quality to the producers.

It will provide a general knowledge on the properties of emulsion paint, the materials or compound involve in the production of the paint and the conditions that with destabilized it.

It is also, hopped that this research work and those already carried out will help immensely to the advancement in paint technology.


H1:     Emulsion paint can be produced by dispersion of various compounds in water.

Ho:     Emulsion paint cannot be produced with organic solvent as the medium.    


The research work is limited in scope to emulsion paint, its properties, method of production, and the materials use for the production of emulsion.

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